Somestimes it gets lonely

Being a mentally ill loner and having no friends it gets lonely sometimes. Are you guys lonely or do you have friends or family or something?

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My brother and sister both married with kids live four or five hours drive away
Just me mum and dad up here but mum is in a home. Which is very saddening

I prefer being by myself. I dont want to get hurt by others.

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I got a dog it really helps.


I have a few friends. I also have some family that is kind to me. I’m so grateful for that. Have you tried Clubhouse International? It’s for people who have mental illness. It provides a place to make friends and have structure in your life.
They’re all over the place. See if there’s one near you.

I get the “socials in” - when im down at the builders cafe for breakfast most mornings at 6 am. Yeah i get lonely too. But most of the time i see no one.

I talk on this website, more than i speak to one of my twins lol.

Dont do mental health club houses. They all turn up for the cheap dinner for a quid, and then you will see them raiding the ashtrays for the cigarette butts, and with the money they saved, they are seeing dossing outside the pub lol.

Not for me thank you.

Im actually waiting to turn 50 - then i can join an Age UK Day Centre. :stuck_out_tongue:


I noticed with the loneliness the voices kick in. Good they are social websites. It helps to get yourself a daily structure and a purpose/job you are able to do. I went downhill and got to start new with my old self. Its not easy.

I have family and some friends, but i feel lonely due to a lack of emotional connection, well a deep one at least. You can have the whole world as your friend but feel lonely. It got to me b4 but now i just embrace the void, even when people are around.