Logic only goes so far

So I had a really good session with my therapist. We discussed how we need to use logic as a basis for reality. Some things still don’t make sense using logic, though. I don’t know what to do about it. I’m trying to challenge the thought that it had to do with me but i experienced a string of coincidences that is hard to explain.

I’m really trying to see things logically but i feel like i have honestly seen too much. It has become a sticking point for me and I can’t get over that string of coincidences that day. I’m doing better recently but i feel like i can never be sane because i know there is no way that what i saw could have been coincidence. So logically either god exists or everyone is in on a conspiracy or only a few people are in on a conspiracy. Those are the only options and it’s driving me crazy. My mom says that i’m never going to have the answers and that makes it worse. Again, I’m trying to be logical but I don’t know how that is possible. I really had a good therapy session today but this is really bothering me in terms of building a concrete reality.


Medication really did it for me as far as making false connections (coincidences). I don’t want to presume, but are you sure CBD is fully doing the job for you?

I had the same kind of “coincidences” mess with me during psychosis as well. They are hard to shake without proper medications.

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The coincidence happened in the past and I can’t make sense of it. I’m not having coincidences happen anymore but it is really bugging me that I can’t logically put it in a box like everything else.

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So here’s the story: A year ago i was really obsessing over the 36 person and I had titrated myself off my medication. This is right before I wandered off, so maybe i was making connections where there weren’t any… So the school that me and this person went to had been abandoned and vandalized, but i decided to go inside. I had messaged the girl after one of my seizures in 2018 the word “inception” because i thought i was in a dream. Anyway, inception was spraypainted on the banister. There was a lot of other stuff spraypainted in there but that was the first thing i noticed. So i went upstairs to our old classroom and the year we went to school there was spraypainted on the board. Anyway, when i left the school i walked down to where she used to live and on the license plate was “7FAITH”. 7 being her favorite number and Sven Väth (pronounced sven vaith) having special significance for me regarding her. It’s really embarrassing that i had erotomania but it still doesn’t explain all the signs i saw. If this girl never liked me like everyone is saying, and i do believe that 90%,then who put all those signs up? Is it just coincidence? It just seems hard to believe. Maybe it is a dream and that is why inception was spraypainted. My mind tries to make sense of it and it can’t. I just feel so confused

@LittleMissSlothy @Bowens @Om_Sadasiva @anon85745701 @Anon4 maybe you guys can help. What do you think? Anybody else is welcome to give their thoughts as well… i need to address this if i ever want to recover

I don’t think it’s important to your recovery to know the answers to these minor coincidences.

Everyone has stuff like this happen.

You can’t dwell on it and turn it into something it’s not.

In the examples you gave, especially the license plate thing, you’re really reaching.

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Maybe so… i definitely can see it with the license plate thing but the other two i’m not so sure about…

I agree with CharlesFoster. Dwelling on these coincidences isn’t doing you any good. I remember having coincidences that I was sure were real connections during psychosis. A lot of them I can’t even remember specifics now, so it’s difficult for me to give you examples.

For one though, I was convinced that these two people I knew and chatted with on facebook were in communication with each other, even though, they supposedly had no contact with each other. I was convinced based on seemingly related messages that they knew what the other person was saying. It wasn’t true though.

I think you need to do like I have and let them go. With time, some of these memories of coincidences will likely fade and become less important to you if you do not dwell on them all the time.

It’s a process though. Just give it time.

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I apply Occams Razor to everything. Is it (insert three paragraph description of ridiculous situation that violates the laws of physics and several other things that haven’t been invented yet here) or is my broken brain misfiring again? 99.999% of the time it’s the second one.


what would be the simplest explanation here?

That you’re nuts and you’re seeing stuff where there’s no stuff.

I kind of have the same problem if it makes you feel any better.



I understand coincidences can sometimes be hard to let go of. I feel I’m not full blown psychotic atm and I STILL wonder about coincidences sometimes… Though not convinced it is definitely for certain a special synchronicity. I like to just look at it as a plain chance coincidence as oppose to magic or such. Because I have no evidence that it is magic so I don’t want to dwell on something that could be nothing as that would be a waste of time and exhausting too plus it could make me vulnerable to slip into psychosis… Idk.

OK so the date of ur year in the school is not such a huge coincidence because ppl at ur year wudda easily have done that it’s quite common. And the other 2 things… Well, just try to remember that out of ALL the stuff around u that u observe some things are BOUND to correlate with what’s on your mind, no I mean the chances that they correlate with ur mind are possible, not magical because there are sooooo many things to observe around us when thinking about it and because of the way ur brain is seeking for connections due to high dopamine… Which is known to make us more attentive… The chances of u seeing correlations with ur mind go up.

I’m not an expert but this is my guess.

Take care :relaxed:

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I completely understand why you are having this problem understanding why.
There are millions of unexplainable things happen in this universe every day and were only as humans understanding microscopic bits of information each century the whys and wherefores.

Personally i believe in afterlife, in dark forces, in spirits in the supernatural

But there are literally tons of unexplainable things

Your mums right we will probably never know

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We finished posting within a minute of each other haha


It must be magic :wink:


Thanks for helping. I’m starting to feel better about it


I absolutely understand the difficult part is… The feeling that it means more is the part that is hard to disprove. That’s the part that is therefore hard to disprove. How to disprove a feeling is not always easy.

But I personally find working on my stressors internally and from my environment if any are there does perhaps seem to help with that.

I was so bad at seeing signs and stuff, I remember one time while I was out on my bike hearing ambulances. I then looked at a street sign that said “Rusholme”. I thought it was a sign that I should rush home because someone in my house was being picked up by an ambulance. lol. Seems ridiculous now.

If your CBD regimen is working properly, and you are no longer seeing signs(coincidences), these things really will fade with time.

If you are still seeing signs, I imagine velociraptor would know better how to cope with ongoing issues. I don’t usually make these kind of connections anymore so he would likely know how to deal with current ones better than I.

Lol… I used to notice the word mango during my psychosis and it meant man, go

As in u there man… Go away :sweat_smile:


I always use to hate it when people had plain advice and tried to pass it off as life changing advice like someone who drinks alcohol and the advice is don’t pick up the bottle, stop drinking. Dr. Phil gives advice like that.

Every time my left shoulder itches my brain immediately be like NANOTECH IMPLANT!!! Takes a few seconds to walk it back and tell myself that my pacemaker implantation site just happens to have an itch is all. Pretty easy now that I’m used to it, but it felt like mentally climbing Mt. Everest at first.

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