Logic only goes so far

I did not mind this as long as they explained themselves as to why.

If there is no explanation it is confusing

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I had the exact same thing with that word. I’ve tried leaving a bunch of times but I don’t think there is anywhere to go, so either we were misinterpreting it or not looking in the right place…

I also thpught good meant go od, as in kill yourself with drugs…

@crazydiamond444 do you believe in the supernatural?

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Idk anymore. I don’t think anybody can know for sure…

What if life is infinite for some beings? Neverending circle
Theres so so much unanswered

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Yeah i mean i have to try to come at things logically for the sake of my sanity. Idk what to say about your experiences because only you can verify them. The more i believe in the supernatural the scarier my reality gets and I din’t know if i want that anymore

I used to be very logical and liked logic, that was when I was a male. I transitioned to female as transgender, and I start to dislike logic. I am also an aspiring artist, and creativity has little room for logic. I think this society is obsessed with logic and intellectualism, but that doesn’t solve anything. Logic is surface, cortex. Logic was an escape for me, not to face my feelings. I used to program software, but I started to dislike it. Logic disconnects us from our body.

I think the minds of males and females are trained differently. Early on males get Lego toys, squares, logical toys in order for them to be builders, engineers, etc. to differentiate between females, who are just different. Even though, females are getting more and more logical, more scientific and intellectual these days. But I tell you, the intellectuals do not have the answers… creativity has the answers, the body has the answers, feelings are the answer… the body is more creativity than the mind. Listening to your body is the key in solving things.

So I do believe that when we learned to calculate, we train our cortex to disassociate from the rest of the brain and body. Numbers are not innate in children. Religions also, are a form of logic: duality. It can split the mind thinking in duality and logic. It is not normal in children.
So slowly we are changing from child to young adult. From a creative child to a rational adult who is then burdened by all the rewiring. A child is highly creative, and somehow society doesn’t appreciate it. It values the mind more than anything else; getting grades, numbers, math, logical reasoning. But not all of us are build for that, some of us are supposed to be creatives… a creative mind if different.

But with creativity and a creative mind also comes hallucinations. Children have bad dreams often, it is because of their creativity. They have little logic to go on, so for them it feels real.

What is sanity? maybe it is just the fear of the mind to lose itself… but it is unnatural to begin with. Most children don’t live in fear, because they didn’t develop a logical mind yet.

I start to see the sz as being more creative… and accepting that. I create new woords, those are called neoglisms. That is very creative! I could say I am ill, but I reframe it: I became more creative, and if society doesn’t understand and wish to label me as insane, then that is their problem. I start to use my sz for creative purposes… I listen and see what comes up, and then try to work it into my art. being more receptive to it instead of blocking. That is how I deal with sz right now.

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All the great inventers, explorers, scientists, mathematicians, artists etc were thinking outside the box of logic they were taught and came up with new theories and inventions etc
Great minds are exceptionally creative

@anon84628834 i am not academic i didnt do well in school but i appreciate you joining in the conversation as i have trouble putting things into words and well i agree with you and it helps when at least some of us can articulate so beautifully

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Maybe the safest thought is the general rule that nothing is really connected. For things to be connected there has to be some kind mind making the connections as they happen. That leaves basically two possibilities that the world is a mind, the current popular one being simulation theory but before that it was gods mind, and the second possibility is that it is your own mind making the connections to things that are unrelated because the world itself is not a mind. Obviously you cant prove definitively that the world is not a mind but you can easily prove you have your own mind and everyone their own as well. It is not proof but it is sufficient to me that a world that is a mind wouldnt require everyone to have their own mind it would simply just do all the thinking for each person and the complexities of biology wouldnt be necessary.

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Good perspective. Maybe i’m making connections where there aren’t any. It’s just that i’m afraid that everyone is in on some kind of conspiracy and I feel that fear physically, which makes it real to me even if it is based on fiction.


Have you ever thought of writing it into a story? who knows how it turns out…

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Do you think it is a conspiracy or am i making bad connections?

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I think this you have is not so uncommon with mental illness.
Keep fighting.

I thought at one time there was a big conspiracy and still have residual beliefs / ideas about it. Basically the conspiracy idea I had was that they were trying to split the atom, but the atom was each individual person, so splitting the atom was like dividing someone’s attention between themselves and the external world, so basically I had a complex delusion that everything in the modern world was to divide the attention and undermine individuality and sz was tied into this because of individual traits of sz. Ultimately the end goal was to alienate people with their own ideas and basically perform a mind meld on society until it reached critical mass or something like that, I have trouble remembering the exact way I was thinking about it.

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Thanks for popping in to make another user’s problems worse. Great timing.

Thinking there is a conspiracy is common schizophrenic thinking. People do conspire and things like in real life, but a person doesn’t usually, like never, has a sense that a conspiracy is going on. If you have a strong sense that a conspiracy is going on it is likely paranoid schizophrenia

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Thank you. It’s a relief to know that i’m crazy and making connections where there are none

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It happens. Just be really skeptical about your own ideas and you should be ok.

I didn’t write anything overly triggering deliberately. I censor a lot of what i write. I was being careful . Sorry @crazydiamond444
@velociraptor peace out