Coincidence or Synchronicity poll

Today I experienced an event, that I do not feel comfortable disclosing, that borderlines on impossible. Statistically speaking. So I have to ask, do you believe there are cosmic underlines to certain events or do you think it’s pure coincidence?

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:innocent: :wink:

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It’s not fair to say that entirely, though. I’m sitting here thinking about spukhafte Fernwirkung :smile_cat: I think it’s safe to say it’s a mix of both.

But I also think that our minds are geared to see significance where there is none. So, are these thoughts entertaining or are they harmful? Will they help you get where you want to go, or are they getting in the way? If there is some underlying current guiding or driving you, what then? When you’ve followed this path before, did it take you anywhere useful? How far down this road can you go and still find your way back?

Ya know, I’ve experienced this type of thing before but I was very symptomatic and delusional. This event has triggered these things and I admit, I may be taking things a bit too far but facts are facts. These days I try to be a very logical person. This defies logic.

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Some things do defy logic and probability.

I like to say that the odds that keep us from winning the lottery are the same odds that keep our planes in the sky. But people do win the lottery. Airplanes do crash. Freaky things do happen.

So you are saying I should play the lotto and stay off airlines :wink:

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Today’s obviously your day :two_hearts:

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Fine. Let’s talk probability. You know the situation. Estimate the odds.

Astronomical. I’m not arguing that.

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pulls hair out*

Don’t do that! You have nice hair.

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Existence is absurd. Consciousness is a cruel evolutionary development.

Turn baaaaack, @animalchin! It’s too dark for you to be out thinking!

I’m fine. :innocent:

You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. -Nietzsche

Jury’s out :smirk_cat:

I have no way. I only care about the way that isn’t a one way ticket to Cloudcuckooland for you.

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I really don’t know, but one thing keeps happening to me all the time. I’ll be thinking something, and someone will start talking about what I am thinking. For example, one time I was sitting outside McDonald’s in Wal Mart. I was thinking about getting a lift in my mood by ordering some sweet tea in McD’s, and this guy started talking about someone getting a lift by drinking sweet tea from McD’s. It happens fairly regularly. Someone will start talking about what I am thinking.


Yeah, the little things. I embrace them and smile. The big things though. Tragedy. It scares me.

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