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Posted: Dec 4, 2013 7:17 PM
by Temple_Door

My difficulty in separating reality from fantasy comes from the connections I make and the experienced coincidences that I feel are significant.

My first mental breakdown involved a manic episode of creative writing which happened during the United State’s capture of Osama Bin Laden. For some reason, I believed that I somehow indirectly caused this chain of events to unfold. As my understanding of reality continued to fall apart, I was eventually taken to a mental hospital and ended up bunked in a room with a young man who was coincidentally named Osama Bin Laden. It wasn’t the same guy and I’m sure it isn’t a terribly uncommon name, but this and many other factors that were a part of my hospitalization experiences continue to persist as unresolved in my mind.

I’m doing much better in my life now and I’ve removed a lot of negative behaviors like drug abuse. The one thing that persists is my experience of coincidences which seem to convey the general feeling that “something meaningful is happening”, but I don’t have enough information to draw a logical conclusion from the input. It feels like my mind is just overly active in making connections and it can be very tiring to constantly give 100% of my focus all day to everything I do and hear with the idea that I’m getting closer to an unseen or otherwise inaccessible truth. Usually these lead toward religious ideas, but I think that’s because faith tends to “fill in the gap” for what isn’t known. This has it’s opposite end, conspiracy, which is as destructive of a force as doubt itself.

Do you experience the feeling of persistent coincidence, and how have you dealt with this feeling?

Funny how the force led me to that post above. I was trying to find a similar post of mine that I finally have the technical term for (which is Synchronicity by Carl Jung), and post about it.

Please read the link given above before reading my reply.

It’s funny how we, I and the TS are connected. Our experiences are. It formed some kind of circle in my mind! Most of the times they were lines. : P

Let me begin. In my onset of “paranoid schizophrenia”, that was in 2008, while at an expressway, with my parents, a thought came to my mind, that George Bush was the devil. That there would be a nuclear war between China and USA, and that China would win but would end the world. Then as we were going the hiway, I saw this black SUV in front of us, had me this thought that in it would be that that would influence the end of the world. So my instinct was to get out of our car and chase and stop that SUV. I jumped out of the car to chase the SUV (luckily my dad saw what I was up to and slowed down), ran and yelled like hell. I did my best to, but eventually the police got hold of me and brought me to the hospital. They administered a tranquilizer to me, and brought me to a psycho-social institution. I was asleep for 2 days. When I woke up, first thing I did was to the TV, and there was Bush in spotlight, in Beijing, watching the Olympics. Yep China and USA went to war, and the former did win it… but for Olypmic gold! : D

To add to that above, I knew there was some kind of war in Afghanistan, but was not aware of people calling Bush a devil for killing lots of people until the incident happened. I thought he was getting praises as my innocent mind thought. And I didn’t know that the Olympics was ongoing as I was too busy with my career. Also there were several more meaningful conincidences that happened to me during that time that involved God. But I think the above paragraph would suffice for now.

Posted: Dec 4, 2013 8:15 PM
by 77nick77
Now that’s what I call a helluva coincidence. That should be put in the “Coincidence Hall of Fame”!

Since then there were a lot of other types of synchronicities that happened like that that involved the numbers 7, 17 and 143. These numbers has been chasing me like forever, and in various means - in plate numbers, while surfing the net, price tags, in jerseys etc. It’s funny that the above thread was posted at time 7:17 PM and one of those who replied had the Nickname “77nick77”, and today before this reply, about 3 times, 143 called my attention. Some call it Angel Numbers (which the interpretations I don’t subscribe to). I’m just happy to know that I’m not as crazy as I had thought, that a lot of “normal” people experience these conincidences too.

I came to the conclusion that bad handling of this FORCE could lead you to mental institution. It’s better to act normal as you can. Also it can cause you to be in some kind of hypnotism when it calls your attention to something. It can also tie you in an infinite problem solving which would exhaust your mind. And which would bring you to bizzare conclusions. Just treat the force as a normal part of everyday life. Everybody, even the whole planet is connected to it. And whenever it occurs, just remember you have free will, that you are not bound by any rules it suggests, including that of God. So you have to know your true values. Somehow althou I think I’m still connected to it, it gave me freedom of some kind from the connection. Also my delusions of persecution, and delusions of reference are gone. And I can think a lot better. Where before I thought those on TV are part of the plot. When actually we all are uknowingly. And you are not known to anything outside those of you have immediate relation to.

I also came to the conclusion, that some kind of collective consciousness (or driver if you will) governs all things, live or not ON EARTH - why just there? Cause the past week, it was showing off as I was telling my story to those who don’t believe me. They recognized what I was talking about as it called their attention too. Some of them had good laughs. And when I asked it for opinions on things, it does so, by doing so on TV, and thoughts of people around me. I felt like it was showing off or something. So to know if it also controls beyond earth, or the universe, I called it to give me another sign. It couldn’t like it normally does. It was bound on earth - that was my conclusion - so far : P . Suddendly, for some reason, my mind was in relative calmness. Also I choose intuitions which I truly believe in also as because you can get a lot. And the force forced me to know myself more. : D


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I just logged in after 10 hours. Checked the status of my post and got this :smiley:

As said in my first post:

Since then there were a lot of other types of synchronicities that happened like that that involved the numbers 7, 17 and 143. These numbers has been chasing me like forever, and in various means - in plate numbers, while surfing the net, price tags, in jerseys etc.


I think for me, it mostly has to do with guilt. The hallucinations are blatantly accusatory. They’re like power hungry republican congressmen… They accuse me of everything thruout my daily life. Terrorism is only one of them. The news has become “the next thing I’m going to be accused of”. Any new thing that happens… any new tragedy thats broadcast… the following day, anybody I’ll meet up with will be thinking I’m just like they are. Thats how the news can reverse psychologys someone… It’ll make us try to be the opposite. Try to prove ourselves to not be that thing… and our own destinies… our own ambitions… are always left behind, defending ourselves from sensation.

I may not like reality, but my cynical mind does. It adores it… It loves what the next big thing will be that I’m accused of.

Whats really the problem is how much I can feel sorry for myself. How depressed I can allow myself to get. A rut… I can’t seem to get out of. A self loathing… that condemns me to a place I want to be. A place of false allegation. And the capitalization of my misery…

I usually record all things that I buy. Today I woke up, for some reason the water container is on the floor spilled! Then I realized that I forget to record it!

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There’s this car that is always parked at the side of the building I live in. It has a plate number that contains only numbers 17 and 7. There is always this urge to tell it to my companion, but since I encounter these numbers regularly, I’ve chosen to ignore it, and continue with my my life.

Then yesterday, there was a change… another car was parked in place of the old one with plate number using also just 17 and 7 calling my attention. It was like the force telling me to tell it to my companion. Which I thought it merited, so I did.

The same day I encounterd the original car, on the road 3 times for the first time.

I was on a road trip. Parked at the gas station. A thought came to my mind that this guy at the back was from the CIA, he looked like it, and was following me. Then I immediately recognize it was the force playing with my me again and the guy was just a regular guy, who has no clue who I am, used as an instrument like we all are. Shrugged it off and back to my regular life :smiley:

Wow, honorable mention for me! It’s almost like being famous!

Well I realized that this view is not as popular as it should be, so I thought to give my share of the other way to view the illness, and what helped me, and hope that It will be of help to someone too. :sunny:


Happens to me as well, i saw an alien on or just before halloween and began looking at the clock at three over and over again, then it was 333, 111, 222, 1111, 444, 555, 616, 911. They make me get up and look at these times way to much, so much in fact there is no chance in hell it is a coincidence.

I have this other thing that happens also when i will be thinking something and it seems as though people flinch and drop stuff because of it, things like that seem to happen, it happens alot actually, it’s like they can feel it and react to it.

Like there is this girl at the store, she’s pretty, there is no chance in hell, i get that, and it sucks knowing what i am and how i look, and i would never try and hit on her or anything, but i was buying something from her and a voice in my head went “your beauty is intimidating”(it wasn’t me they said saying that) and then it seemed as if she heard it and dropped the drink i was buying because it was so bad and wierd to have a crazy guy thinking that.

It was just a strange coincidence thats all, and if it wasn’t then oh how embarrasing is that right?! Not something i would have liked to have happen at all, esp. not being an ugly stupid crazy guy.

Sometimes ill be thinking things and they’ll drop stuff and i take it to mean they know of their guilt or wrong doing or faults, it’s just wierd because it only happens when i think certain things and it’s right when im thinking it thats all.

I do believe though that we are not entirely seperate, we are all in this kind of web of stuff that connects us together, it only looks like we are different and seperate, some of this stuff goes beyond simply reading expressions and body language you know(which i truly wish wasn’t possible), who knows what kind of waves you could feel if you were aware of it.

Thanks for that sir!

Some call it Spiritual Awakening.

Some call it Schizophrenia.

Some it’s conspiracy.

Some believe it’s God.

Some think it’s about Collective Consciousness.

One thing I do believe, its possible to live with it without drugs.

I do believe that thoughts can be implanted. Emotions created outside of self.

Definitions of delusions treated like gospel by those who benefit from it.

There’s something unjust and wrong with the current system. I think it may need to be changed.


I was with my family in a place, at night, everybody was sleeping. I was struggling to sleep, and thought I needed a pillow. I was thinking to get one from my mom as she had two of them. I was thinking of what to say to her, but I value sleep too much that I decided not to wake her up. As I was about to lie down again, my mother suddenly woke up, got one of her pillow, and said “here’s your pillow”. And then she went back to sleep. I asked her how did you know I needed one? She didn’t reply. I asked her the next day, she had no clue why, but she did remember giving me one. :smiley:

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i have this ALL THE TIME, but have learned to ignore it. because it freaks me out. and i don’t like it. i mean, i’ll think of someone that hasn’t appeared on facebook for awhile, and they’ll make a post out of nowhere. i burned the roof of my mouth on pizza a couple months ago - the first time in AGES doing that - and this TV show THAT SAME NIGHT did a bit about burning your mouth on pizza. last year i thought it would be nice if my mom made me a dessert from my childhood which i hadn’t had or even thought about in years, and a couple weeks later she makes it for me for the first time in years. ■■■■ like that. i thought the whole world - including my family - wanted me to commit suicide last year for a few months and as soon as i start thinking that there are suicide stories all over the internet, on the radio, etc. i couldn’t escape it.

i agree: just ignore it. there is very little to be gained by listening to it except that people are reading your mind and ■■■■ like that, which is a horrible thing to think (i’ve been there, done that). just ignore it: that’s my advice. i used to write down every little thing that matched up between my thoughts or actions and the outside world - all of the coincidences.

i don’t write them down anymore because i IGNORE them. it’s too disturbing…


Number Synchronicities from “Sane” People :smile:

Synchronicities from a Psychotherapist :smile:

hey,pansdisease,samething for’s scary.


When I stopped seeking deep meanings to such things, my life has been so much better.

It’s just synchronicity, a part of life, nothing more. Moves on. :smile:

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Here are my experiences: in 2001 I took a road trip to CA and then mentally wrote a story that went somewhat like: America would be brainwashed for oil, there would be a proxy war between two 3rd world nations and they would destroy each other, and fight our wars, then Russia and China would team up and Russia would eventually be destroyed by China and Japan who would team up and the result would be a worldwide nuclear war that would end with only one continent remaining, Cuba. Which would eventually succumb to a flood. The theme was brainwashing. That was before my diagnosis of schizophrenia. I also had delusions that surveillance technology would ramp up and be used against dissidents and prophets, caging people like animals. Actually I came up with a lot of apocalyptic futures. But I decided to change the story. What if God existed within a brainwashed girl in an apocalyptic future and she had no idea of her own power? Neither did they, for they were mere figments of her own imagination and cosmic debt to the universe.

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do you know about numerology?

here i googled 1 43 numerology for you

there are a lot of sites on numerology.

Yep I know about it. I don’t give it much value as I don’t think it’s based on anything reliable like science. Another site call it Angel Numbers which struck me as personal interpretations that also cannot be reliably validated.

Numerology and numerological divination by systems such as isopsephy were popular among early mathematicians, such as Pythagoras, but are no longer considered part of mathematics and are regarded as pseudomathematics or pseudoscience by modern scientists

that`s true. yet i think its only human too seek/explain an answer somewhere or in something.

i get a whole lot of triple numbers like 111, etc