Lockdown in England is going on for months

Honestly, this Covid-19 lockdown is absolutely ridiculous

Now they’re saying that we won’t be out of our lockdown until JUNE!!! :angry:

We have been locked down for a third time since the day after Christmas day, and now they’re going to slowly open things until June - which may be longer if new variants come here.

I cannot believe this is going to go on for months.

They have vaccinated loads of people, and in Israel they have released restrictions very quickly due to success of vaccines.

This is going to sink peoples businesses


It’s difficult to get vaccinated where I live.
Hardly any of the pharmacies have enough vaccines.

The CVS by me does not have vaccines to administer.

I guess I have to wait some more.

Who knows when I’ll get vaccinated.

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I hate it haven’t seen my partner in months

It’s taking so ,long because of a) Covid idiots breaking the rules that have been put in place b) an inept government time and time again ignoring the experts/taking too long to do what’s needed.


it will be OK next year

that will be the end of it

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By June summer variants might emerge

Seriously I don’t expect it to go back to normal

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It’s difficult but it must be done. The safety of the population is paramount. We can’t mess it up over and over!

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More lockdown?



I don’t understand why they are leaving variant trials to be done after summer. I suppose there’s a good reason but it sucks the long wait for variant vaccines

I thought you were a lot more relaxed down south than us about it :frowning:

feel pretty sick now, are other countries still in lockdown? idk feels like its just us doing it now :frowning:

@revv i believe it, i genuinely believe they have our best interests at heart, there is no,way a false media campaign would ever last this long, they’ve been working on vaccines for so long ‘you cant deny that’ how could anyone sustain such a massive lie? it would be impossible if that were true.

You don’t need to be rude about someone’s age. Covid is real. My sibling had it. Why make up stuff like this it’s like making up cancer.

I believe there is something in me, in my body like a virus that is slowly compromising my immune system, idk what it is, if it is the virus then i believe it is not as easy to shake as first thought, i think once someone has it then it will work inside them until it takes us down, it wants to destroy us,

My body clock is off atm which is very unusual and i’m not sure if its just the effects of a prolonged lockdown but strange ■■■■ has been happening, loads of people are mentally unwell bc of it :frowning:

If it wasn’t for the precautions they are taking, perhaps worse strains would already have evolved and we could have had a repeat of spanish flu type thing.

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I’m smart enough to know that

I remember the saying 'we are all going to die, its just a matter of when and where, Makes sense but not very nice :frowning:

In my country a short lockdown now, but vaccine here going sloow.

tbh idk what is worse, the effects of Covid or the effects of Lockdown, what is the real killer going on here?

I don’t know either Tbh. But I think Boris and them lot are worried about how potentially bad the pandemic covid could maybe get. Like crazy bad. But there’s no denying that covid Lockdown has bad effects on lives too.

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worst case scenario is the vaccine doesnt work and things get worse, the countries that take the least precautions come out worse.

China seem to have it all under control (probably bc they invented the frigging thing in a lab and let it loose on the world and they had the vaccine before it was even known. (i believe this) its not beyond the realms of imagination.

Asia has it under control mostly because of Sars experience and invented tracing and early detection package to deal with a pandemic

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