England in Lockdown - well, sort of

So here we go again! As of today we’re in another lockdown until at least 2nd December

Thankfully this time construction can still function (I hope) so should be able to work.

This virus really has been destructive to people.


Good to reign in the virus but so happy you can continue your work. We had a second wave through down south but our border controls and methods have prevented that up here. I’m glad about that.

It’s a pain for sure but it’s not a bad thing to stop this virus.

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Unfortunately people have not followed the rules in a lot of places.

I thought a tiered system of restrictions was going to work to prevent the spread, but now it’s national.

The work thing is good as the support schemes the government have introduced means I fall through the cracks as I am newly self employed, and unable to claim the grant they’re offering.

I would have had to support myself with no help

all good though. The worst thing would be to catch the virus.

Hard to say whether this will help or not


People I’ve found are Asshats!

Down south we’ve had a second wave and lots of cases and there’s people protesting that it’s a conspiracy and it’s against their rights. We don’t have a bill of rights and it’s just people being selfish. No wonder we have the second wave…

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They are all wearing masks in the clinic here. Im hibernating anyway for a month lol.

People arnt allowed visits here either, and they separated the chairs in the lounge.

Turkey doesn t comply any lockdown rules during pandemic .as school attendant i would say they opened all classes include kindergartens and they put lot of stress to us for cleaning all school.personally i have to clean 5 classes 3 corridore and 2 toilets each day i have to mop 5 classes and corridores 2 times a day sanitising 75 desks with bleach and clean all toilets 4 times a day.i don t include other places like gardens and teacher rooms.lot of stress to us and nobody care about our work pressure.other than this they opened everywhere include shopping malls mosques bars bazaars …everywhere is open and nobody care any social distance or mask rules.

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I’m half OK with this England lockdown. I’m struggling with SAD(seasonal affective depression) so prefer to just hibernate in my bed.

I hope our R rate does reduce.

I am getting so tired of covid. Trying to remain hopeful.

That’s awesome you can still work.

I pray for an effective vaccine…


I’m in the UK and having a good first day of Lockdown - it means I can’t go out to eat or drink coffee in a chic shop, or smoke hookah in a lounge

Will save loads of money during this 4 week lockdown

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We have a lot of people screaming for more lockdowns here, but I’m not sure what it would accomplish. Most of the spread they can track is coming from private parties and gatherings. Practically none comes from gyms, restaurants, or theatres. Yet we have people who want to close them anyhow and cause more financial devastation. I wish they’d crank up the fines for wantonly violating the health laws to ruinous levels so that people don’t dare hold a party lest they get a $50,000 fine and 3 months in the pen.


I know a dipstick who went to a club to watch erotic belly dancing. I think he also went to a party on Halloween.



One of my co-workers is on Instagram. He’s posting pictures of himself surrounded by different people in different bars every week. No distancing. No masks. I specifically refused to go to the Xmas party because he was attending and made it well known. He’s not happy with me. Don’t care.

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Here’s the situation where I live:

It’s going to get cold and snowy again by the weekend. Everyone trapped inside breathing recirculated air through cheapest bidder air systems at 20% humidity for the next five months during a pandemic with an airborne virus. What could possibly go wrong?

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When Perth was in Lockdown i didn’t noticed much different in my life. I don’t work, don’t go theaters or games. It was winter here so we stayed indoors and i socialized only with 5 people. The only hick up was that we couldn’t get toiletpaper anywhere. Our pantry is almost always stocked up for 3-4 weeks and fresh fruit and veges haven’t been sold out.

Oddly we have different heating systems here. We don’t circulate air, but heat up water in old fashioned radiators. Obviously it is not as cold here but it is a highly inefficient way to heat a house, but we don’t have the covid air circulation problem.


There might be some more restrictions in my state, my town has the highest cases of the whole state currently, most people here stopped caring, casinos and bars are packed every night. I am only person wearing a mask when I walk my dog in the morning.

Here too.

Some idiots are still having big private parties, while for the rest of us it gets more and more strict, because the virus wont go away.

Rules are weird here.

I can visit a prostitute or a massage parlor, but should stay 1.5m from a (hypothetical) grandchild or fixed longterm partner im not living with. :woman_facepalming:

I can visit a sports club, but i cant go dance (as a sport), or visit a museum or theater. They have less good lobbyists.

They were adamant for months masks didnt work, then flipped to a “but please do wear them” overnight.

I kindly follow most recommendations, but i fail to see the logic.

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