Lockdown in England is going on for months

I don’t know either Tbh. But I think Boris and them lot are worried about how potentially bad the pandemic covid could maybe get. Like crazy bad. But there’s no denying that covid Lockdown has bad effects on lives too.

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worst case scenario is the vaccine doesnt work and things get worse, the countries that take the least precautions come out worse.

China seem to have it all under control (probably bc they invented the frigging thing in a lab and let it loose on the world and they had the vaccine before it was even known. (i believe this) its not beyond the realms of imagination.

Asia has it under control mostly because of Sars experience and invented tracing and early detection package to deal with a pandemic

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Our government has spent 12 Billion pounds on developing our track and trace. It’s rubbish.

A kid in his parents basement could have coded a better app than our government

The news I received here is that the tracing and early detection app comes later in the West compared to the east

I just want the cafes to open proper. Its not been the same without sitting down my local with a fry up and a paper for an hour on a sunday.

The pubs being closed have largely saved me from going on benders tho.

I miss this too!

Also having a coffee in town at the local place, and going to the gym.

This situation sucks.

I thought after I heard that Israel proved the vaccine meant they were all good we might follow that.

See 500k in US dead now.

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I just want to attend my clubhouse again but idk i am worried about that

I mean trump did not prioritise lives and prioritise economic growth instead which is why the situation got worse for people’s lives but economic growth remains stable