The covid dilemma

So now they’re saying that the vaccine is less effective against the indian variation, whatever that means.

I’m just wondering if we are doing the right thing keeping things under a tight lid.

It’s already been confirmed that wearing a mask only helps you from spreading the virus if you are infected yourself. For people who are healthy they will get infected anyway because the virus can get into the mucous layer on the eyes. Some experts even say that the virus particle is so small that it gets through the mask anyway. There are also concerns that using antibacterial on the hands actually can lead to microorganisms getting resistant to alcohols which would make our future very bleak.

And then there are the repercussions that happen in society. A lot of businesses have already gone under. If we keep this up for much longer all independent restaurants, pubs and cafes along with a host of other businesses will go bankrupt. Also educationional institutions suffers. Students are getting second hand education.

I’m just wondering if we are at the point where we have become masshysterical. I mean in the beginning it made sense to lock down so we could vaccinate the risk groups.

It’s not the plague we are dealing with. It’s a influenza virus that is about three times as deadly as a common influenza virus.

Ofcourse sick people should stay away from others, but where is this going I wonder?

I think everyone will have to be vaccinated yearly to guard against new variants. At least until they come up with a working treatment.


I don’t think all the safety protocols are meant to stop the virus. Masks, social distancing are not 100% effective. It’s about slowing it down to a manageable level.

People complain about losing their freedom, but if they set everyone free the hospitals will be overwhelmed, then the people will complain about that because they can’t get the services they want, then people start dying of other problems like undiagnosed cancers., and the only solution once it gets really bad is another total lockdown to get viral levels back down.

Pandemics are a real sh*tty problem. Different countries have tried different measures and yet they all have their critics and problems.

We won’t be free until most people in the world have been vaccinated, the virus slows to a crawl and so mutations will become much less common. The virus is probably endemic at this point, we may need yearly boosters along with a flu shot.


I’m not planning to get the vaccine, but that’s because I most likely already had covid. I got it very early, march last year before they started testing people. I think it is better that people who are not in the risk group to have their immune system work the virus so they become more resiliant for the future.

I have it from reliable(but not popular) sources that once you have had covid your body will produce anti-bodies against it for the rest of your life like any other virus. I’m not saying it’s impossible to contract it again, but that would require the immune system to be really weak. You would have to be in the risk group, or suffer from extreme circumstances.

I read from many sources that the protection is for up to 6 months. I had covid back in sept-oct and they said I still need to be vaccinated but only one dose is required. They gave me the option to take the second dose anytime I want. I got the Pfizer vaccine. I have a friend who is an antivaxxer saying that the vaccine plants microchips in you etc but I dont believe in this crap. Its paranoia. He wont get the vaccine as he is waiting for herd immunity which he says will stop the virus so no need for a vaccine.

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Yeah I heard that too. But then I heard another source say that the immune system might dip for a little while after just having the infection, but then it picks up again after a while.

I can understand that people get paranoid. If people say anything else than the theory the government is resting it’s case on they get silenced. For instance youtube and facebook delete all government unfriendly theories even if they come from respectable scientists. I guess we aren’t such a democracy as we like to think we are.

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