Llamas madness medication

Been on the Zyprexa a few days now. I take 5mg at bedtime, soon to up it to 7.5. Probably going to reach for 10mg.

Med knocks me out about 45 minutes after I take it. I’m averaging over 10 hours a night of restful sleep.

My voices have been whispers, single words. But my thinking has been clear. Least I think so.

Munchies as a side effect, but I started counting calories and have felt good enough to walk/yoga a bit.

Sorry I haven’t been around a whole lot the past few days. I’m doing well and trying to use that.

Wishing everyone well! Know the llama is lurking on and off a bit, doing well, and is being productive. If anyone needs me feel free to shout out!



Sounds very hopeful !

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I am. I really am, so far I feel like it’s put a cap on and is defending me against going to far down the rabbit hole.

Wishing you well EH!


Used to work for me not anymore, go Lama.

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Good luck, Zyprexa has been my wonder drug for completely eliminating paranoia and delusions. I’m thinking that it also reduces my voice frequency, though it doesn’t eliminate them. I never got munchies on it but I do get pretty sleepy after I take it. Hope it works well for you!

I was on 10mg for six months, then changed down to 7.5mg recently to get rid of the akathisia side effect. So far, 7.5mg is working well for me, it’s such a good compromise. I never gained weight on it, so keep in mind that doesn’t happen to everybody who takes it.


Sounds good. Zyprexa has been really good for me. My racing thoughts and paranoia are mostly controlled. If stressed I still have my moments but generally I’m living a pretty rich and rewarding life. It’s a little different from most but still a lot of fun.