Living in constant fear of psychosis

Anyone here not psychotic at the moment at all but living in constant unremitting fear of having another psychotic episode?


Right now I’m afraid of falling into the deep end again.


As of lately, yes.

But try not to think about it.

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I was like that, but the more it didn’t happen, the less concerned I was about it. Now I don’t even think about it. Time should heal that fear for you.


So I’m gonna follow this with a question.
If you’re not psychotic right now and you are on medication, what seems to be the problem?
What state are you in if you aren’t experiencing psychosis?

I have experienced lots of mood swings. Also under high stress becoming paranoid and suicidal. But never lost touch with the reality in contrary to psychosis. When I am starting to feel unwell I know it and can prevent it getting worse (asking for support, self management techniques…). When psychotic in the past I had no insight whatsoever. But most of the time (85%) feeling just normal. “Normie” as called on the forum😉

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I’ve been in 5 month long psychosis

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Wow this could not be more relevant to my day. Had a horrible nightmare last night about my psychosis returning that had me basically wake up with a panic attack. Then had experiences today that made me fear this as well.

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The med’s keep away psychosis for me. When I look back on some of the ways I behaved when I was psychotic I can only shudder. It’s a miracle I survived.

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I’m depressed. Negative symptoms are pretty bad now (Anhedonia/Avolition).

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I don’t know if I believe in negative symptoms.
I was diagnosed as scizoaffective but I’m being treated for depression pretty aggressively and the anhedonia and avolition are going away.
I was really hollow and empty before now I’m starting to have feelings.


I sure hope this is true. It has been for me so far.

I believe in negative symptoms, I’ve been on several antidepressants and feel just as hollow/socially withdrawn

Lately it’s been weird for me. I’m on a low dose of zyprexa (olanzapine) and I’m doing pretty well but I have these spells/episodes out of the blue of psychosis. Where I feel paranoid, fearful, and somewhat delusional. I’m bringing it up ton my psych at my next appointment but usually when it happens I take a klonopin or two and fall asleep and wake up fine, it’s really strange. Anyone else ever experience episodes/panic attacks like this?

So in a sense, at the present time I’m living in constant fear of psychosis. Really effects me never knowing when an episodes going to occur, I just keep klonopin near at all times.

I have psychosis several times a week, it is unpredictable. Usually once I feel it coming on I take 200mg seroquel. Sometimes that takes care of it sometimes it doesn’t. For really bad days I take a lot of seroquel. Interestingly I never become psychotic while sleeping. I think my brain has to be active for it to happen, I never wake up psychotic. If I did that would be hell.

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What’s your perscribed dosage of seroquel?

I used to feel afraid. But I have been ok for a year. I’m on 25 mg Abilify and 300 mg Seroquel.

Stress, anxiety, fear can make you feel psychotic. Try to keep calm.

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Ever get tired? I was on 10mgs of abilify and could barely make it through the day without napping once or twice, once on a commute home I had to pull over and take an impromptu nap lol. Needless to say I’m on zyprexa now.

I sleep 6-8 hours on Abilify and Seroquel.

I had Zyprexa before but I gained too much weight and got strange side effects.