In remission but scared for life

in remission 5 years but scared for life from episodes of psychosis, so i need my meds and i accept my diagnose :hourglass_flowing_sand:


Same 5.5 years free of psychosis but scared as hell I will have another episode. I will never attempt going off meds again

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I have not had psychosis since I been on meds continuously,but had bouts of depressive episode,it dampens my confident level to live life,just saying

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I’m scared of an episode too. Every day I think about it.

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It sometimes feels like a tight rope…

I can try to walk a straight line through the pit falls of my day…

Some days I make it to the other side without a problem.

Then there are the days were it feels any little shift in the wind… any little crack in the surface… and I’ll fall. Then the head circus will be back with more strength then ever.

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