Living any where in the world? (schizophrenic with SSDI)

Assuming most people with Schizophrenia have SSDI(do they?) Why not live anywhere in the world ? For example in Romania, thailand, venezuala a bedroom costs $100-$200(look at airBNB monthly rates). Renting a room in the USA costs $600 a month of my $800 ssdi. So it makes way more sense to move to a poor country where i can live and actually save money. In addition this would increase my happiness living in a new area and seeing new things. Staying in one spot seems to contribute to depression, stress

Do many people with schizophrenia do this? Why or why not? I will be taking a 6 month supply of abilify with me, maybe i can get more abilify there, but otherwise i can easily fly back with all the money saved.

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Romania is known as a Romanov dynasty country it may not be the place you want to go with only a six month supply of abilify. They mark your hand with a dot when you pass through customs and you become a Romanov


I have considered retiring to Thailand. You have to be 50 though to get a retirement visa. I am 46. US customs will only let you take 30 days worth of meds with you by regulation but they probably don’t really enforce it I would presume. But your insurance wouldn’t be good in a foreign country. You would have to pay for your medical care and meds.

I could live like a king in Thailand even paying for meds and doctors though. It’s worth the time to consider

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Can you still get disability while not living in the US? I figured you’d have to live here. Hm.

Yes you can, maybe see below. You would probably have to come back for your reevaluation though.

The VA has a program where you can be reimbursed for your medical care if you’re a veteran unless you move to the Philippines. There is a VA clinic there veterans can use.

How much is SSDI in USA?

From the web: for 2017, the average SSDI benefit amount is $1,171 per month, but those whose income was fairly high in recent years can receive up to $2,687.


that would be nice to get $2000+, but maybe they have houses and children or something though. Then it might not be so much

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It’s equivalent to R$ 3647,66. It’s a good amount… Disability in Brazil is around R$ 800,00.

I live in Romania, you are all welcome here :slight_smile:

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Do you speak the language? Would you be able to continue therapy, say through skype?

Don’t forget that moving out of the country is incredibly stressful even for non MI expats.

I’d be worried about getting robbed and stuff, unaccompanied foreigners seems to make easy targets for crime

don’t dress like a tourist… if you wear your khaki shorts with your Hawaii shirt tucked into your fanny pack and one of those black wallet necklaces your painting a huge red x on yourself…

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people mark me for a sucker way too easily, just too easy going and trusting, but that’s the price you pay I guess.

I dont speak the language, but you can see which renters on AirBnb speak english. So at least the move in process would be doable, then all theres is to do is get groceries, which dosent require anything but handing money over. A fun hobby would be to learn the language too. It all seems like a very good way to keep the mind busy and at least cure some forms of depression.

You could choose a place like New Zealand, which is still 30-40% cheaper than USA and very safe. Also canada, australia, scandanavia are pretty safe but maybe not super cheap

I keep hearing about people making $1,000 or $2,000 or SSDI. I wonder what I did wrong… oh, that’s right, I went to school (and was born a woman so I naturally made less, silly me). :frowning:

I don’t have to worry about it anymore, i’m dying.

I’m planning on moving to Germany. Cost of living is cheaper than usa. Groceries I spend about 300 month at a german discount market (Aldi/Lidl) here in usa compared to Walmart I paid about $450 month. Rent is cheaper like a 1000 square foot is about $600 compared to 1000 foot at $1,100. So on avg for living expenses except for eating out i spend about $1,900 in USA and in germany I’d be spending $1,300 including rent in both but without car and insurance. So about 30-50% cheaper in a small town. For va benefits il be receiving once the paperwork is finished up for veteran benefits il be receiving $3,200 disability plus $2,000 retirement pay, plus with caretaker money for my wife about $1000. So about $6,200 month, and that’s without my wife’s veteran disability which is another $1,000 plus her job ontop another $1,500. And living in germany the value of the money is even higher woth their cheap living coats and I already have a house in germany so that knocks out 600 from my living expenses. So the rest is just to rest and relax. Thank god for veteran benefits if you have the right diagnosis and type of military discharge with an uncle who works for the VA and a medical retirement since it all points to the military causing and starting my schizophrenia. America is just too damn expensive and a rip off honestly. Especially Virginia. ■■■■ virginia…

You have to have at least 20 years of service to collect VA disability and your retirement check. It’s called concurrent receipt. If you don’t have 20 years you have to waive one for the other. The VA check will probably be higher and it’s tax free.

I have never applied for aid and attendance for my wife. What does your wife have to do for you that you can’t do yourself? I may look into that too.

You will most likely also be approved for SSDI. You should apply now while you are on active duty as long as you are in a limited duty status you will qualify. @SailorTheFox59

You should check out for help and advice going through your medical board and the IDES process.