A Question About Living Abroad with Schizophrenia

My dad will retire in the next year or so. He wants to move and wants me to go with him. He hates California and was thinking of moving out of state or abroad. For abroad, he mentioned Nicaragua and Costa Rica. He mentioned Panama before too. The first thing that struck me was about my health. Basically, I’m worried about getting my medicine. Without insurance, the prescriptions would cost hundreds of dollars each, per month. We would most likely lose our health insurance and I would lose my SSI. Before I research this further, I wanted to know if countries like Nicaragua and the like have antipsychotics available as well as psychiatrists. If not, I either not take medicine or I stay in America. I kind of want to go but I don’t want to be floridly psychotic and trapped. Thank you. If anyone has experience, please let me know.

talk to your dad…about your concerns.
then talk to your therapist…
there is always a solution.
take care :alien:

there is always a solution…just not the one we necessarily want.
you are a good person pansdisease…i won’t give up on you… :heart:
take care :alien:


Read books about the place before you go there, any place , not just where you are going.

Yep presumably we should be educated by our family in the right way to live BUT thats not how it is.

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Alright thanks. I don’t know if I can go. A quick search revealed they ban imports of antipsychotics and anti-depressants.

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You can do it - living on your own that is. I have been doing so for nearly three months now. Prior to that, I figured I’d always be stuck in a group home setting of some kind… but no, I have all the things I need to survive daily and enjoy some sense of comfort from time to time. I even have transportation to & from the market once a week for groceries.

Everything is slowly but surely getting ez.pz.

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I’ve wanted to move to Japan, Germany, or Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland. I know they’re all good countries, but I know my limitations as well and don’t know if they ofter SSI to someone who already has it in America.

Good luck.

My parents say we’re moving to Costa Rica if Hilary gets elected cuz they “don’t wanna see her face for 4-8 years” lol. My dads retiring soon too. My sister has opened a bed and breakfast at her house and the guy who works on her property is from Costa Rica. He owns property there and wants my sister to move there with her bf and open a hotel type place. Now my family is on board with it all and we all might do it. Crazy this thread pops up because this is the current discussion in my family. Moving to Costa Rica and opening a business. My sisters fluent en espagnol and I am decent at Spanish too. This is my dream. I too think about the doctors there though. I really like Spanish girls and wouldn’t mind meeting a nice Costa Rican girl. Livin a simple life. Eager to get these questions answered.

I’m happy for you. My dream is to have my own place and work and be independent. It would be nice to have a girlfriend but it’s not required for me.

Ya, what are the odds. My dad knows people that are retiring in Costa Rica and Nicaragua too. My dad says you can live like a king for $2000 a month in Nicaragua; I remember reading that the middle class caps out at $2500/month. From what I read Costa Rica is more expensive and is catered around tourism. Check out the State Deparment’s website on these countries. Maybe I’m paranoid but I’m kind of worried about the crime and my health if I go there. Out of Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua, I like Nicaragua the most (read that it is more beautiful, safer, and cheaper). My dad was thinking about opening up a bar down there, but it’s just pure speculation right now. Maybe he won’t even go. Who knows.

We both would need to learn Spanish. Maybe I could teach English or math down there.

Also, Nicaragua bans imports of anti-psychotics and anti-depressants (and a lot of other medications). That is a big concern to me. I don’t even know if I could get those medications inside Nicaragua from a doctor.