Living alone

Who here lives by themselves? I don’t think I could do it


I dont think i could either it sounds rough being alone so much


I lived alone for a year. I was delusional that year, so I was constantly talking to voices in my own head. My mom visited every week, and I had her take me to crisis care once every couple of months because the isolation was driving me batty.


That sounds really awful

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Yeah I do a lot better living with family, especially now that I’m not delusional and don’t really stress them out. We get along really nicely and I appreciate the quality time.


Family is good. Really is and I am glad to help dad out with the household expenses now I’m older. Still. Having your own space is cool. I’ve done that plenty in the past and I could go either way. My living wouldn’t change too much but it really is easier with multiple people financially if your not working…


I gotta get used to it anyways, at some point my parents will die and itll just be me myself and i taking care of everything. I dont want to live in a psychward either.

I live by myself for weeks at a time so its almost like living alone.


I’ve lived on my own for 6 years now, although I have had a small dog with me for the past 6 months, and I appreciate the company. I do visit my parents one a week.


Every other week my kids are at their dads place so I get a lot of alone time. I’m fine with it. They pop in quite often. When I’m alone I like to go to bed late and sleep in.


I don’t live with my parents anymore, but I do have a roommate. When I lived on my own, my life was a mess. Dirty dishes and laundry everywhere, bags and bags of garbage, shower maybe once a week.

Now someone holds me accountable, and it’s not just affecting me if I let things get messy, so I’ve improved a lot.


I have lived alone and I used to like it. However since I got older I liked it less and less and started to not do very good.

So I moved back in with my mum for a while. I moved out last year and into a house with my partner. I feel better being around others these days.


I have lived alone for four years now.

I had several relapses at first, but after about a year I got used to it.

I don’t think I could ever live with another person now as I like it that much!


I lived by myself in Sweden while severely psychotic and voices etc 24/7.
I could barely do anything.
Amazing how I coped because I was not coping.

I live by myself now but it’s my former stepmom apartment and I get cheap rent in expensive place.

I do rather well but I don’t like cleaning.:open_mouth:

It could be messier.:open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::yum:

I pay my bills on time.

Before that I lived with my x boyfriend rent free because he owned his house paid already.we just shared bills.
It is the most loving peaceful home I ever had.
A gothic favourite.:two_hearts:

Before that I lived for free in a apartment.

I lived in rustic Schack out Bush all by myself.
No toilet.out door dunny.
No hot electricity most of time cause only solar.holes in walls.leeches and rats everywhere.toads in bed with me and on my face.that was a experience indeed.:crazy_face:

I fight too much with my parents.
I could not live with them.

I would not want to share living as I can’t stand hearing other people have sex.
Also can be so much drama.

Living with my x in gothic home is the best home I ever had and I have lived in a lot of places places with pool etc but this place had no pool but was way better anyway.:two_hearts:


I lived alone for 6 to 8 months, then I moved back in with my parents.


I live alone, but have people coming all the time, my X’s my kids , my sisters, etc.

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I live by myself because when I am around people, even my family, I hear things said about me behind my back. It’s like all the things I hate about myself being said by people around me. Living and being by myself is the only relief I get.


I live with family. In the future I’d like to live alone but idk if I can afford it. I don’t think I can. I will need to be in a shared accommodation. As long as they are reasonable people it should be OK.

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I think the same. A big fear i have.

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i live alone, been living by myself for 17 months now. im starting to get used to it and enjoy the personal space, but on the other hand if i didn’t have the internet and mom and dad close, i wouldn’t be doing well. mom is adamant that she is not going to live with me again. and im planning on buying another place in hopefully at least 7 years, probably florida. so i will be living alone the rest of my life really.

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i would hate to live alone.

if i get married i will create a family and live with my wife n kids and my parents, that’s my dream, but sadly the dream has not been fulfilled yet.