LGBT issues

What are some issues occurring with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community? I would image that there would be people who are LGBT who are schizophrenic, schizoaffective or bipolar.

The only reason why I am bringing this up is because this topic in the old forum was never brought up.

I would imagine that LGBT people with schizophrenia would have the additional pressure of having to deal with homophobia.


Being gay myself, I have wondered why there isn’t a platform or site for gay people with mental illnesses, I am also paranoid schizophrenic. Could be though that pride gets in the way of that happening, maybe you finally are coming to terms with your sexuality, as it is confusing at times with or without schizophrenia, which can even change your orientation in the short term as it did for me, only to find out you are back again in the pit of being in yet another situation with a diagnosis where you are seemingly just destined to be a minority all-of-the-time. Sounds a little boo hoo, but it really is difficult to tell your family, well I am gay, deal with it, and then later on, I am schizoprenic, deal with that too, what next. As for homophobia, I am lucky to live in a country where there is hardly any issues with that at all, so my experience is a good one, mostly.

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I went through a bi-curious phase when much younger, a long time ago, or so it seems anyway.

I had a dream about this post awhile back, everything is set in stone, nothing is unfolding, we are only going ahead into what must happen and not ahead into anything that could have happened. It can all be charted like a river actually.

Everything that is in this post and what i am writing now i dreamed it some time ago.

Now though im an asexual, sex is a large factor in ruining the world, and it is the most potent drug known to man, very addictive and harmful if done wrong, it will be a large reason why we will all be ruined as it was in the past up until now. And we thought it was just so important.

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I’m currently dating a man but I am bisexual. I hate labels. Why should I be evaluated by a word? People would ask me so are u straight or… And my response was always I am me and if I am attracted to you or love you it doesn’t matter what shape or form you take. Btw, my family still doesn’t know and until I get a girlfriend they won’t. Religious families suck

I have no hostile against those peoples.
Sometime we need declaration.

I wish there was more information out there for people struggling with gender & sexual identity issues while being diagnosed with a mental illness. Personally ive lived as a lesbian, transgender and also been diagnosed with schizophrenia. At this point it seems that my questioning might be a symptom of my illness, but this is so hard to accept especially when i know myself to have been outside the typical binary from a very young age, and also experienced sexual assault. its also been confusing cuz ive had doctors give me different diagnoses including gender identity disorder. This lack of consensus makes it difficult to trust any one person. my identity seems to be a whim of the moment at this point, its such a struggle not knowing who i am in such a basic way. at this point im just celibate and thatll have to do.

does anyone else have any experience with this kind of questioning?

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As I’ve grown, I’ve had questions and I sort of understand the whim… the feeling like it’s up in the air. It would be nice to have at least one definitive answer for myself.

I’m with a girl now, and guess I would consider myself straight… but not narrow. If the perfect person happened to be a man, then they happen to be a man. But right now, the person who understands me and makes me happy happens to be a woman.

I know, the doc’s don’t always help. If you get a fundamentalist type doc, they could say that sexual identity could be down to mental illness and homosexuality is a sign of M.I.

If you get a more liberal doc, they could say it’s just the way you are, embrace it.

I sort of had to let go of external definition and just let it be.

My parents are both teachers and they see all sorts of kids in their class. So in my life, they have always said that if I end up bi or gay, they will still love me. They have been very supportive of two of my cousins who have come out and they are very supportive of LGBT rights. So I finally learned not to stress it.

If I end up with a man, my family will still love me. If I end up with a woman, my family will still love me.

I know not everyone is in that boat. But I guess you just have to trust yourself. If you find a soul who loves you and makes you happy, does it matter if they are female or male? Kindness and patience and happiness are rare gifts, I’m not going to turn someone away due to gender.

Its good to see you around here again @Tanaka - im not LGBT but I do like your post, and I m very supportive of the LGBT community, it is an important topic to discuss

I am a lesbian and a paranoid schizophrenic. If you have specific questions that are not sexual in nature I would be open to answering them.

im bisexual, i dont really bring it up to some people- like my powerlifting team. Im a top so they probably would care. It is harder to be not straight but ■■■■ it i cant help it. Sure ive had people disapprove but i still feel an attraction towards lean good looking guys who arent bigger than me as well as girls who have pretty faces and hair and nice bodies.

But to be honest anal sex is the best. I did anal with a girl and thought I was bisexual then did it with some guys and then knew for a fact i was bisexual. I thought I was bi when I was 16 and then got all straight and manly at 17 then got half gay again a few months ago.

I get the identity crisis and how much of a pain that is. Not really knowing how to present yourself to people. In my town no one really cares although I’ve lived in other places where things were worse. I really think my schizophrenia can be rooted back to the occurrences of people calling me gay. At the time it was clear I was only interested in women but I have an open mind and I’m a little insecure and my friends at the time thought that made me a homosexual. The greatest fear I had was being regarded as a closet case. The problem divided into two parts. Wandering what people thought of me, and wandering if I could actually enjoy sex with a man. The first part is all rubbish, I shouldn’t have been so concerned. The second part is probably yes, but it doesn’t necessarily arouse me. It more just seems hilarious that people do that, not that i’m judging. I’d have to agree with j if the perfect person takes interest in me I wont really care about there gender. Although it might be a subtle qualifier that the perfect person is a woman. Anycase I have finally derived just how I want to define myself, this took years, I’m a bi-curious asexual. I find sex with women intimidating but enjoyable and I dont really see myself every actually having sex with a man but I find myself thinking about homosexuality all the time, that is just how it is for me. I like LGBT people I know that they see the spectrum of sexualities. Its difficult for me to trust straight people to not judge me for being open minded. Most everyone I know is straight so Im still semi closeted, but that just because the people dont really care and I dont feel the need to run around telling people Im bi-curious, I simply feel what I feel.