Is it more common to be part of the LGBT community if schizophrenic?

What do you peeps think? I dont know how to make a poll, but i would if i could.

I probably could have worded the title better.
Maybe - Could there be a higher percentage of people identifying as LGBT amongst those with schizophrenia than the general population?

Im thinking its probably the same, just a lot of people with sz are more open minded and empathetic generally. But who knows.

I doubt sz are more like to be lgbt or empathetic or open minded. All those things are different and schizophrenia is a random brain disorder so i really really doubt there is any correlation between any of it.

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Personally, I don’t think there’s a correlation


I dont think so either but I would like to see the data

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Does any diagnosis mean that you are more prone to be more sexually open than the norm?

I’m just asking!

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Quite sure there is a relationship.

Trauma and social defeat is related to both in various ways.
Openness to experience is.
Autism is.
Even early pregnancy stress in the mother is supposedly related.

Not really sure how this works out…but I think there is some sort of overlap. Sz is not random imho.


Thanks for the input people. Seems overwhelmingly that those on here think that there is no connection between sz diagnosis and sexual preference.

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I don’t know the exact stats on this but there seems to be a lot of bi sexual and gay folks on here.

I’d be curious to the exact numbers as well


Yeah me too. Im bisexual.

I don’t think I like this thread. It sounds a lot like it is being insinuated that mental health problems and being LGBTQ go hand in hand.

Being LGBTQ is not mental illness nor a resupt of mental illness.


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