Sexuality and schizophrenia

I don’t know how to make a poll, but, I am curious as to how many of us do not call themselves heterosexual and how many do.

I don’t care to identify.

  • I am gay

  • I am straight

  • I am bisexual

  • I am asexual

  • Non Identifying

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Um, but, can we break it down to gay, bisexual, asexual, nonidentifying?

Every once in a while I end up with a girl so I guess that makes me…semi-straight? :thought_balloon:

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No transsexual cathegory?


The Kinsey scale works alright if you’re only using 2 genders.

Semi straight would be a 2. Hetero with incidental homo.

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@Patrick we need transsexuals!

(I will never get another chance to say that)



It’s too late for me to edit the poll…I tried. I went upstairs to make a sandwich for my wife and was too late responding to your post.


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Ah, well, it was hilarious anyway!

Transsexuals, please just mention in the comments!

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I’m okay with there not being a trans category, we’re an identity, not a sexuality, so it doesn’t really fit in anyway. But for the record, I’m trans!


How are you, by the way? How is your boyfriend?

It is a sexual identity as something different from gender identity.The point is that they dont need to overlap.
…at least thats what I learned.

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Try making a Poll now, samples32…

See if it works.

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Lol…summertime. lot of sex going around here :joy:

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It didn’t work.

I’m good! The boyfriend is now the fiance, we’re moving in together, and everything is turning out pretty well!


Yay! I haven’t seen you in a while.

Got it working!!!

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I’ve been busy, I still check in every now and then though!

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