Letting Thoughts Go


I’ve had moments when I couldn’t “make it stop” and IDK what that was but it felt like I could hear everyone and everything at once. I’d shut my eyes and feel like I took a mental vacation, but I was nervous because I’d have to shut my eyes around people and I wondered it I looked odd. But it’s good to just close your eyes, and not be afraid to let it out or let things drift away because nothing last’s forever. I used to be scared to stop thinking because I thought I’d never locate myself. Is that normal in schizophrenia or schizoaffective?



when it is noisy , i shut my eyes like you and filter it all out and find a peaceful place, i do it as a coping mechanism.
take care



I don’t really know if it’s the same or not, however a little while ago my son and I talked about the peace that he was feeling. He told me that he used to be afraid of the silence. I guess that could be interpreted as not thinking. I didn’t ask him what he meant by that. Now that he has had some time to adjust to a quieter mind, I asked him how he felt about it and he said that he finds it peaceful.

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When thing get too much and I feel a little panicked I have to close my eyes, the light starts getting to me. I also slip my sunglasses on even inside to cut down the pulsing light. I know that sensitivity to light is one of the signs that lets me know the head circus is going to start up again.



I tried sometimes in the past to take a break of thinking and then I freaked out of that, what if my brain couldn’t retain it’s thinking…I fear that I would dive deep into emptyness and never find my way out.