A funny situation I'm in now

my mental ramblings are starting to spill out when I’m alone. I guess I prefer to hear spoken words over experiencing ■■■■ in my head.

Not really a good thing. Gotta keep an eye on it. For now though, it’s just telling me I’m comfortable.

Hallucinations are subsiding and I don’t even know what to do. It’s so different.

I’ll get control over this I’m sure. Don’t want to wind up looking like some loon.

Probably help to vent more. Staring at a screen most of the day can get to us also. I really do need to take my own advice sometimes lol. Walking really does help clear the mental fog. Might help for the future to really sus out the neighbourhood. See if you can find a nice quiet safe place you can go to, to chill out when your up to it.

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Believe it or not it sounds like you’re employing a common coping strategy for schizos. Unfortunately though it seems to make other people uncomfortable if you do it around them. I hear mumbling, rehearsing, replaying scenarios out loud keeps the inner voices at bay, albeit temporarily. When I was in a psych ward we had a few people that would pace all day and seemingly hold entire conversations with themselves out loud. Theyre just coping.


I keep my rehearsals and conversations in my own head for fear other people might think im more crazy than I already am. I probably shouldn’t as I hear it’s sort of counterproductive. Just do your thing nobody here is going to judge ya for it.

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There is a girl in the apartment next to mine that talks out loud to herself all day. No one judges her for it.

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