Voices or thoughts

i dont call then voices i call them thoughts and i had a lot of these ‘thoughts’ today as i say

its basically me talking to myself but even my new nurse said that she does it all the time only it was harder for me because i was having trouble controlling these thoughts today and i felt really bad, couldnt concentrate and had to struggle to look at things and every little noize and things were bugging me.

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i think our voices are our thoughts as voices and thats the nature of the illness. its ok to talk to yourtself if it makes you feel better my boyfriend doesnt have schizophrenia and does this anyway haha. tc

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isn’t it hard to differentiate the voices which are real and which are not?

only by the context of the situation, i.e. I cannot see the person behind the voice that I can figure it is just me and my shadow so to speak.


woke up this morning and all i could think of was the word ‘Jihad’ going through my mind, Jihad, Jihad, Jihad
funny thing is that i dont actually know what it means,

have i been brainwashed?

Where do our thoughts and/or voices come from? Nobody knows. How do you stop thoughts and/or voices? Take up zen meditation!

I don’t think you’ve been brain washed.

I see the word a lot in newspapers. The anti-immigrant/ ultra-conservative news loves to throw that word in almost every article they can. Alarmist news casters also like to say that word really loud with a lot of emphasis. I can see how it would stick in your head.

Think of it this way… it’s just a word used to shock.

its stuck in my head because i read something and i cant get it out of my head about because its just so bad that i cant believe it reallly,

well i’m not a terrorist :frowning: and i’m not going to fly my plane into a building or anything like that :frowning:

I am sensitive to noise too. I could hear the buzzing from a charger plugged into the wall and when I unplugged it the noise went away. A lot of it is static. I guess if a person is more sensitive to dopamine and since schizophrenia is similar to autism that we can be vulnerable to it. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’re vulnerable to stress though, I’ve realized. What with all the stress I have endured I think I handle it pretty well and keep calm most of the time. I am not like a ticking time bomb because I know how to handle things.