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Heavy use of nicotine actually reduces any sex drive.

Yeah I understood that.

Hopefully that Wikipedia link I posted has given a head start in that. At least knowing what to goggle and search for has. Are a few female dominated websites around where the hypersexuality questions get many responses on it by females of all ages and walks of life. So hopefully you can find the answers you seek soon. Also to know you’re not alone with it.


Thanks …the struggle is real :smile: and i’m too shame to talk about this with my therapist

It is good that you can talk about your sexuality with your therapist, I have regular meetings with a psychiatric nurse as I have had many years, I am not really talking about my sexuality with her because she is a woman and I feel I have no courage to talk about these matters.

Well I’ve been SZ since I was 12-13 years old so I never really learned how to interact with women. Plus I’m short and girls don’t seem to have much interest in me or willingness to go out of their way to make a friendship with me. So sex is kind of out of the picture. Consider yourself lucky you can have sex. Women get SZ later so it’s different when you know what it’s like to not be SZ, and besides its easier to get sex when you’re of the female variety. That’s all I’ll say.

As far as i know, science researches claim that short guys are better lovers ;)@turningthepage

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maybe so but i rarely get the chance to prove myself :expressionless:

oh well one day i’ll find a girl…maybe ill never be the playboy I once wanted to be…but i’ll find a girl :wink:

@turningthepage, damn,you will. Well,since i called for pulling dirty underwear and feeling bored right now i’ll share my fairytale here. :angel: :slight_smile: i was born in nice suburbian town in a family full of love,compassion and verbal/physical abuse. I was only child so i had to suffer their overprotecting behaviour on my own. I was messed up from the start. I developed eating disorder (anorexia,bulimia) till age 12, started to smoke and doing drugs with 15, getting pregnant and miscarriaged till 17, had some violent and abusive relationships and been unmedicated till 20.i did some modeling, but publicity made me nervous so i quit. I did not realise that something is wrong with me,i just thought it’s a way to be in this haotic world. I didnt seek help until i met some nice people in my au-pair family abroad.(i was babysitting in new york) faced with pure happines i realize that i was living in rose baloon of lie. I am still “fifty shades ■■■■■■ up” but i’m doing well. I married bipolar guy with sz.in his family, cheated him with his brother,divorced,gave a birt to a beatiful boy, start dating his father again. Twice hospitalised. Discoverd God. Planing to leave this planet and rent nice place on Mars. :blush: i hope i manage to be clear with my primary school english. Stay cool :sunny:

I haven’t been intimate with someone for the past ten years since my divorce. I felt that I was just to ■■■■■■ -up to make love. My libido is lower than it was as a result of meds. I will not get intimately involved again since it is just to complicated for me with this illness.

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i find that medicine somehow stole deeper emotions from me. I am unable to make love,not to have sex.

does D.I.Y count as a sex drive?

Where is that Sexopolis you live in? :smile:

Maybe you should try and read a good book on intimacy and build some of your own fantasies around that and then allow yourself to get intimate with someone if that is what you really want. I feel that I have had my innings after three fiancés and a marriage. Intimacy is great/super and beautiful. Using your imagination makes it even so more special. Try out a Kama Sutra book with your loved one and ad some body chocolate, champagne, strawberries and cream and see what comes natural. I was a sucker for romance in my younger days now it is the young people of today that should explore.

Thank you @Fellowman that’s great advice. I am heading to grocery store now :smile:

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My illness messed up my sex life exponentially.

You try having a healthy one after nearly 3 years of strong tactile hallucinations of sexual abuse accompanied with voices demeaning you the entire time.

It still pisses me off that something fake and hallucinatory basically ruined sex for me. I still have a sex drive, but any time I’ve tried to be intimate with someone post that it just doesn’t work. Ends up upsetting me so much I’ve decided it’s just not worth it anymore. Maybe someday some really patient, understanding guy will lead me through that, but I feel like the chances of me finding someone like that are minimal, excuse my pessimism.

Excuse me if i’m indiscret, have you been sexualy abused in real life.? I’ve been trough that,so i have explanation for my not so common sexual preferences. And,please,girl don’t you ever say “someone like me” again. im sending you hugs :wink:

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My therapist thought the same thing but I haven’t. Unless I have some dark secret past that I blocked out, which is highly unlikely. That’s why that whole time period was utterly bizarre…just happened out of the blue. I had a totally normal and healthy opinion on sexual things before it all happened too.

I’m slowly coming to terms with it. I’m just grateful it stopped a couple years ago, for whatever reason. I moved houses and it just stopped. Confusing, but I sure as heck ain’t complaining!!

i dont have any unusual thoughts or behavior, my problem is committing to a relationship, i feel like if i meet a girl i want to be my gf, i have to tell her about my illness first. last time i had sex was just under a month ago and i didnt even learn what her name was. damn, i need to find a gf…been too long since my last relationship.

All my luck with women was when I was using drugs. Liquid courage and “powder” courage. I didn’t do anything unusual besides “getting intimate” with girls I had just met an hour before. Nothing really kinky. I proposed to a couple of these girls when I was caught up in the moment. But crack, cocaine, and booze lowers inhibitions.

I had those kinds of delusions too. It started when I was staying in my brother’s guest bedroom. I won’t go into details, but it is the kind of thing that you have to write over with your own fantasies.

Once my meds kicked in I reverted back to my teen days: printing out pictures of attractive celebrities and keeping them in a folder. It was my version of hanging posters, because I don’t like the look of attractive male posters on walls. If you take the wheel of your fantasies and reclaim your sexuality, it can be beneficial.

Here are some actors/musicians that I find attractive:

Benedict Cumberbatch

Rhys Coiro

Adam Levine

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