Have you had sex in recent year?

Many schizophrenic had little experience and chances in having sex,due to fear of intimacy,paranoia of people and a number of reason more

So,I would like to know have you had sex with others in recent 1-2 years??

Is it very hard to be love and love others after your diagnosed,or its not difficult at all?

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I can’t remember the last time I had sex. The spirit and the body is willing but I haven’t clicked with a women for quite awhile.

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Even though I have a girlfriend, we only have sex about once every couple months…she has health problems like severe back pain, and we both are over weight so that intimacy isn’t that often.

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Last two girls (I guess courted would be the word) died on me. So sex and relationships are far from my mind. tbh just confused on my feeling around women and have been since Karen died. Which was like 4 years. So has been longer then 2 years.

SZ has no bearing if you have sex or not. I have been propositioned even in physic hospitals. Just work on friendship the rest will happen when it happens. .

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No sex in over four years for me. A lot of flirting though. I have zero ability to enjoy sex because of the psych meds so, I feel that it would all be a waste of time.

Wasn’t difficult for me…
After being Dx’d at age 32, my 10 year marriage lasted another 15 years (25 total) and found no problem in getting married a 2nd time after the first one ended in divorce (still friendly with the ex), the divorce and 2nd marriage were in the same year I turned 50.
But then again, Ive never had any problems with intimacy.


Had my first sexual encounter while floridly psychotic. Had a ton of sex when I was 18/19, and I was not in a good place. Went into remission a few years, and when it came back, my ex-wife left me. I’ve had as much sex while psychotic as not. I still get laid by my wife, but the sexual side effects of my Elavil usually make for a hell of a time holding it together until the end. Frustrating.

You can pay for it you know. Although that brings risks.

I am a little open to paying for sex,although its bad to get sex by paying,but the reason I havent had sex is because of Sexual Issue cause by my abilify

Yeah, lots of people look down on paying for sex.

i used to be very traditional about sex… i used 2 say 2 myself after i achieve my goals i will have a gf .now a i am sz …still virgin…
it has been rightly said 'nobody dies virgins cuz life f.k.s every one ’
so hoping to make a sex partner …


Have had sex once in the past 17 years, & i didn’t enjoy it. i had 3 one year relationships in the past that didn’t work out too well. i just accept being single.

I would have been willing to pay to have sex for the first time. I might have regretted it though. But before I could do it I got very, very, lucky. It took me until I was twenty. But if you knew me well you would know it’s a miracle I ever had sex at all.


hahaha,its miracle for me too if I ever had it lol

The funny thing is that I haven’t had a lot of sex but on those rare occasions that I got to fool around with women, most of the women happen to be very good looking.

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:smiley: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had plenty of bonafide opportunities but honestly I just wasn’t in love with the person to tell you honestly, so the handful of times that I can remember, all I really got out of it was off. lol

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When I was younger… psychotic… on drugs… I was very indiscrete. I was after anyone with a pulse.

I ended up on some heavy meds… and my body shut down… no sex… couldn’t do it if I wanted to… I was so in my own head… I didn’t want to.

This last med tinker has helped me… My girlfriend and I are taking it slow… we’re both working through a lot and getting to know each other better…

We were friends first… with NO intention of being bf/gf… but then the friendship grew.

Lots of people think its risky for other reasons - disease potential, theft potential, violence potential (the guys associated with the other person, etc.).

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Totally lost count of how many times I have had sex in the last two years.