Less anxious with Magnesium


I really think that the Magnesium supplements I’ve been on is making me less stressed out and anxious!

It has this effect on some people supposedly.

I’m really happy with these results.
I’ve been experiencing less stomach issues as well.


Great! I want to restart it too.


How much of magnesium do you take?


Only 250mg @Ale.


It’s good for you it works that way.I’m very happy for you…


Thanks @Marian and @zoa!


I went to see my psychiatrist today and she told me that Magnesium is a powerful anti anxiety mineral, especially if you have a deficiency like I do.

She was all for supplementation and recommended that I take 500mg of Magnesium glycinate instead of the 250mg of the Magnesium oxide.

She said that Magnesium glycinate is easier on the stomach.

Going to order some online.


Did you get your Magnesium glycinate.I’ve been reading how much Mg is used from Mg oxide and Mg citrate.Citrate provides more Mg absorbed,but it has laxative (too laxative) for me.Did you find somewhere how much Mg is absorbed from glycinate?I took 600mg of citrate last night and this morning was disaster.I don’t have opportunity to find Mg glycinate anywhere.While been on clozapine,citrate at that doses didn’t cause me any effect,but Being on Risperdal,I’ve already have problems alone without Mg.

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∞ Magnesium oxide contains the most elemental magnesium compared to other magnesium compounds (about 60%), which makes it quite popular among the manufacturers of supplements. However, this factor is of minimal importance when considering bioavailability. Our body very poorly absorbs magnesium from this compound (approximately three times less than magnesium citrate). Only about 4% of its elemental magnesium is absorbed, which means that your body will absorb only 7.2 mg of magnesium when taking a tablet containing 300 mg of magnesium oxide.
∞ On the other hand, magnesium citrate contains only about 16% magnesium, but is quite well absorbed by our body. About 25 to 30% of elemental magnesium is absorbed from this compound. If we look through the prism of milligram, this would mean that from 48 mg of magnesium as much as 300 mg of magnesium citrate, our body absorbs 14.4 mg of magnesium. I would add that one of the advantages of magnesium citrate is that it can be used in the prevention and treatment of oxalate stone in the kidney.

Edit:this was found on Serbian site,and translated via Google Translate.

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thanks for reminding me i take magnesium to stop akathesia


It helped me with akathisia and leg cramps.


oh nice it helps with cramps too i got some from excessive pacing


My Magnesium Glycinate arrived this morning and I just took the first dose.
I’ll update on how I feel on it.

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■■■■*ed my brains out!!

I’m surprised, Magnesium Glycinate is not supposed to have this effect.