Lemon balm tea, anyone tried it?

What he says in this video sounds almost to good to be true.

Can anyone with stress who has taken this confirm that it works?


I don’t know what lemon balm tea is, but herbal tea can be relaxing. It won’t turn your stress to zero though. Seems like a lie.


I tried it. It may help some…but when taking medications the brain doesen’t function the way it’s supposed to, so likely you won’t get the same benefit as a normie.

That’s a good point, I definitely notice that certain substances have reduced effect or different effect when on medication. For example caffeine, I’m much less sensitive to it and don’t get that high any more after starting meds.

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It might be different with other AP’s though. My experience is with olanzapine. Latuda is considered a milder drug so may feel more then.

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