Leery - About to start Caplyta?

I’m very leery about starting Caplyta. I don’t trust my doctor. I’m on 2 other antipsychotics. I really don’t know if I should take the Caplyta, but if I do well I can get off one of the other antipsychotics.

I’m feeling really leery about everyone. I know the pharmacy employees gossip about me, about how I take too many meds and other things. I hate going there.

Should I take the Caplyta like my doctor prescribed? My husband says to, but I don’t know what to do. Plus I have read some bad reviews about Caplyta on the internet. I’m very unsure.

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I’m on caplyta. No sedation, no side effects, no weight gain for me. None of the meds really help me. They give me some insight then I’m out of reality again. I able to compartmentalize better on meds. For me it’s a good med. I know my doctor is gonna switch me to new meds. Im always skeptical starting new meds. Best of luck. I do take benztropine for akathasia not sure if it’s from caplyta or rexulti.


Directly that’s the paranoia. However it’s not really an unusual belief to have as I think if you told you average person on the street that you taking lot of med they would have a stigma based reaction. So it’s pretty normal to feel like people are judging you about these thing but step into yourself and move to a position of truth. They aren’t gossiping about you.

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I’ve been on Caplyta for over 2 years. It’s a great med for me. Minimal side effects, and halted my weight gain. I was able to cut out other meds by switching to it. Give it a shot!!!


@Iris_Crypts I feel the pharmacy employees are doing more to me than gossiping. I am not expressing myself very well and I can’t go into full details about everything that is going on for fear of lots of retaliation (again, can’t say much).

My doctor said I was paranoid because of what I told her. I don’t know understand. This is all normal and not unusual? I have told my doctor that but she won’t listen to this. How do I get her to listen to what you’ve said? I wish she would.

I am so scared to take the new pill and I am really really unsure if I should still but it’s time for bed. $#&+

Thank you for your reply!

Thank you so much! I need to go to bed. Unsure still.

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Maybe I don’t have sz. Maybe I don’t. It is normal to think that people are “gossiping” all the time (won’t say more/details). It’s not strange. I just hope I can convince my doctor and my entire family of this. I hope they can believe me.

It helped me with feeling more comfortable socially. I could barely go out on Abilify. Now I can get through it.

you should trust your pdoc she knows better its her job. also you have delusions regarding pharmacy employee as your doctor said so.also it seems you have lake of insight regarding your schizophrenia disease since you deny you are sick and you are still not aware of it but with time you will have insight. just take your antipsychotic it wont harm you it actually will help you and trust your pdoc.