Learned to appreciate girls who don't want to have sex with me

Idk of its the meds that lower my sex drive…a combination of that and my newish mindset, but some men never learn to not be horny sexual fiends.

that’s how I met him.

I just like meeting people.

Sometimes it works out.

Not always.

Also losing my virginity was a big burden lifted off my back. I was late to lose it and the curiosity always KILLED me, not to mention the belittling from my peers so yeah…that made a big difference.

No girl will ever feel bad for you…for being a virgin…even if it’s the one thing you need to break to propel you forward in life psychologically… I learned this.

it took me 3 times to stop the hymen bleeding, ok, whatever, Jon.

Lol ok daze

My fatal flaw is looking young

They mistake it for lack of wisdom/knowledge and immaturity when in fact it’s a. A genetic thing (my parents look real young) b. A Gemini thing (the youngest looking sign c. A short person thing, both my parents are average height but I ended up short and short people look young

Jd sallinger wrote a book about how there was a prophet who looked like a child, and Buddha looked young too. I think I’m the youngest looking person I’ve ever met relative to my age. I can easily lie and say I’m way younger than I am. When I’m 40 I will look 20. It’s a gift and a curse…I’ve learned to love it at the ripe age of 26. You need my id? No problem! When ppl make fun of me for looking young I laugh about how old they will look when they’re 40…“who’s laughing now?”

No matter how many cigs I smoke and alcohol I drink I can’t get rid of the baby face. So now I just embrace it.

ok honey, I think I’ll do a mud mask now, pace the kitchen, and listen to the 80’s.

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Love the eighties!

Jon, here’s how I look aft3er the mask, do I look 26, going on 16?


Yessss you look great :thumbsup:

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we be friends, baby.

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Oooooooo Jon & daze :cupid:

ha, no way, he’s much too good for me.

dude if you aint pushy beyond leaning part way in for that first kiss and maybe starting a few of the make out sessions afterwards if they don’t mind you sitting by them or maybe bumping arms or if they slide into you… they gonna wanna… chicks like making the decision of when it happens and being respected on top of that…

you’re right though… being standoffish and reserved is far less annoying than being pushy about it… more likable in the long run… though girls are also prone to just giving in to avoid being awkward and a bunch of other ■■■■…

If you really want their affections… show them respect. Men in general fail to do this once they start liking a girl… thinking that sex is a sign of something like conquering the girl… like it’s permanent or matters at all beyond a memory… do it right and girls will hold you in positive light for the rest of your life…

camping… it’s a legitimate strategy (FPS reference…)

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That’s what they blame women for though,

taking all men’s power, money and attributes away.

sorry you fell for it. Might have been unavoidable.

Agree 100%

Like the terminology you used that it seems like “conquering a girl” to some guys.

I want sex but my sex drive isn’t crazy, and I’ve always wanted a girl who happened to be a friend.

There was one girl I had too much respect for I wanted to have sex with her but in the back of my mind I was very scared, because I liked her too much, it’s like if I had sex with her I felt she would gain an attachment to me and that was something I wanted but was fearful of if that makes sense. I really just wanted her to hang out with me “on command”, like without her playing games and stuff. But that would have been changing her nature so she wasn’t the right girl for me…maybe “on command” sounds wrong but that’s what I thought at the time.

But most other girls I only thought about sex with. I wasn’t very social…but now I am. So now I think “okay she’s girlfriend material so I’m interested in sex with her” OR "she’s a nice girl and all but not girlfriend material so I’m really not interested in just banging to bang…although I’ve been a hypocrite with escorts…twice.

But overall I think my mindsets pretty good

you guys need to see Last Tango in Paris

dude it is straaaaange every time a crush actually works out… even when it’s clearly a constant and ongoing thing the whole time it is hard to trust as real… takes time…

I’m kind of going through that right now… I can still picture the girl that I like at almost every moment and although we talk infrequently… she holds me in good opinion… the second to last time she left me alone she ended our little chat with “aww… I like you…” and gave me a kiss on lips goodbye… the last time she left me alone she winced when I told her I couldn’t visit her this month… then she positioned herself next to me while I was leaning on my car… then we chatted for a few minutes and she removed herself from leaning with me and reached up and gave me a big gentle hug… then left…

Just messaged me the other day wanting to start skyping… and the whole time I’m wondering if existence is even real at all… because even though her and I are just friends… she is an amazingly good person to have in my life.

You gotta ease into that… don’t be afraid to take your time adjusting to the idea of someone being in your life… even if it just starts as a friendship you’ll get a feel for the comfort you find in each other… and even if you wind up with other people for a short time or whatever… Friendships last longer and are less political and they really reveal the nature of the two characters and how they interact…

Just me spelling some ■■■■ out loud… I tend to do that a lot on here.

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feminism has ruined the world,

just look at the men, and you know.

Hello daze


yeah, baby, is that right now?

I’m outside too.

Sweet face shot of you, thanks for the share.