Learned to appreciate girls who don't want to have sex with me

Ok this isn’t an overnight revelation, but when I was younger I was really immature and thought girls were only good for sex and if they didn’t have sex with me I hold a grudge…don’t hate me for this…but my new neighbor moved in…30 something beautiful ‘pretty’ ‘nice’ lady. I will never have sex with her and even if I could I would say no because I’m against adultery…but I’m glad I can appreciate her for being a pretty woman…wave to her every now and then with no sexual intentions…that makes me happy now. I’m thankful for that. Oh coming of age how I always longed for you just didn’t know how :thumbsup:


the best

two strangers that never meet

I will never have sex with her and even if I could I would say no because I’m against adultery

You and me are in the same boat currently.


This “newfound” revelation may just be what “gets me” sex. I always considered myself an empathic person but I wasn’t…but now I am. I think women like guys who don’t treat them like objects (well durrrr), but even tho this women won’t be the woman who says “let’s have sex” cuz she’s married and all…I think my new approaches towards being an empath will get me a girlfriend…maybe not tomorrow but in the future. Women like guys who treat them like friends, naturally.

ok. let’s see, women are so different from men. You think?

well, you got attraction, then good approach, convo, if she touches you on the arm, good sign, honey.

If like me, looking for a good time, and not always a roll in the hay.

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I also have learned to appreciate the innocent uncorrupted. Like I used to be only attracted to rebelliousness…drug addicts and alcoholics…but now I see something pure about women who are the opposite. Don’t get me wrong I still like rebelliousness, but used to look down on people who were too normal and happy. Normies you may say they are…but a certain type of normie I appreciate

started out surface tension was just making out, passionately, no sex.

Probably should been raped.

Men need to realize women are looking for a guy who can clean up their computer, take them
to an Indie concert,

be there at the whim on the phone,
and maybe make them cum.

That’s very nice of you! :slight_smile: I liked this boy once and I told him. Big mistake. He went from sweet guy to an animal. He only wanted me for sex and even wanted to do “friends with benefits” :confused: As much as I was attracted to him, I turned him down. I wanted a real, stable relationship not some petty love, ya know?


EXCUSE ME daze!!!???

ummmm, only if we walk in step, honey.

I appreciate you, friend :slight_smile:

the problem with this scenario is that women don’t put up the barriers right away,

and if they accept once, it’s a given.

mine was Mike, all my youth,

looked over in the Chemistry class in college, taking a test,

we were the last ones in the auditorium,
like the last two people on earth.

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Thank you! I appreciate you too! Always love your posts :smile:

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I agree! I turned him down as soon as he mentioned friends with benefits. I don’t want to messed with no a**hole :sunglasses:

yeah, I’ve got a steady now, but so many coming on, craxiness.

Do you do online dating? I was called a ■■■■ on my birthday, for being an internet ho.

Eric is good to me.

Nah I don’t do that. And oh my gosh, that’s horrible! But I’m happy you have your partner :slight_smile: wishing you the best!

I think part of the reason I used to think women more as just creatures for sex is theory of mind. I thought men were pawns and women sex tools. It traces back to the roots of my sZ.


And not to mention I’m not a horny 18-19 year old anymore :laughing: