Laying off the Magnesium

I have a Magnesium deficiency so I’ve been taking a low dose of 250mg Magnesium Oxide everyday.
Lately I’ve been having these stomach pains.

Tired of going to the bathroom 3 times a day.

I’ve decided to stop taking the extra Magnesium.

My multivitamin might be enough.

Let’s see if I feel better.


Headaches too? It’s supposed to help but sometimes it aggravates them for me.

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thats why I stopped too. It really helps with withdrawals when switching meds, but the butt side effects aren’t pleasant.

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Could you try a different form of magnesium? There are several options. If you have the money to spend it might be worth doing some research and spending a little extra.

I’ve tried Magnesium Glycinate.
It’s supposed to be the easiest type of Magnesium on the stomach.

It was a harsh experience.

I was on the toilet all day long!

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didnt think 250mgs is enought i used to take 400mgs citrate and i would poop once a day just fine

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I guess everyone is different.
I am sensitive to meds and supplements.