Latuda experience

What are your experiences with latuda? What dosages, and side effects?

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I think I was taking 120 mg. On the second month I tried to kill myself with it. I don’t blame the Latuda as much as not being on the proper meds for depression.


I take 80 mg.

I’m good on it.

I take it with dinner and after I take it I get anxiety and insomnia.

Apart from anxiety and insomnia and weight gain as side effects I’m good.

The insomnia is horrible though.

I’ve been on latuda for five years atleast.

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Yeah, im also on 80mg and ive noticed the insomnia, i can only sleep 4 hours a night. I do notice a mood improvement though. Thanks for responding :grinning:

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Had little effect on me. But admittedly I was on three AP’s at that time, so I didn’t really know which way was up, and what each med was doing to me.

I’ve had a really good experience. Though it might be less effective then Olanzapine/Risperidone and less sedating. It has a favourable metabolic profile. Some report akathisia