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I started having a severe reaction from Latuda after taking it for several years. Sometimes I’d sleep through the worst part but other times I’d be awake and suffering. I’m a fool and I didn’t understand what was happening. I thought maybe all aps we’re going to do this to me. I emailed my pdoc I’m stopping it immediately and switching to zyprexa until our next appointment on June 1. I don’t want to discourage anyone from using it, it is a good mood stabilizer and ap but the akathesia had become too much to bear and the psychosis it caused made me want to commit suicide. I know, an ap is supposed to prevent psychosis but on this medicine I could not cogitate and it is really bad to not be able to occupy yourself while bursting with energy. I suffered greatly unnecessarily. I’m glad to be better.


Too bad it didn’t work for you. I tried Latuda and it worked ok for me, but I had insomnia coming off olanzapine which was the main issue. Only a few of the AP’s work good on sleep, so I guess if I try to switch it has to be one of those.

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Latuda, I had akathisia and nausea on it. At 80mg it was too weak for my psychosis, at 120mg the akathisia was so so extreme that I only took 120mg for 1 day then stopped and called my Dr. Now I am on 5mg risperidone, much better. Only downside is negative symptoms but that might be the sz too, not only med induced.

So you learned the lessons that Latuda didn’t work for you. I learned that thing as well on Abilify and Risperdon. Remember choosing Meds is like a big wheel of fortune sometimes switching works and sometimes not.