Considering Latuda

I am considering asking my pdoc to switch me to a new AP, since the one I am taking currently, Risperdal, seems to be causing me to space out and be unproductive. My previous pdoc prescribed me cross-titration to Latuda, but I was unable to start due to moving to a new city and therefore meeting a new pdoc.

Before sz/a, I had been diagnosed unspecified anxiety disorder and was taking an SSRI.

When I meet my pdoc, should I suggest the switch to Latuda? I have read reviews of the AP that indicate the worsening of anxiety. I do not want to ask him to give me a random AP, since I am trying to avoid weight gain and other side effects; Latuda seems to be less associated with weight gain and seems to be more pro-cognitive.

I’ve made a lot of changes in my medications and some worked amazingly well and some failed miserably. Still. I don’t regret trying for better function and that is a worthwhile goal. It can bite you on the ass sometimes when you want to go back to a med and it takes more of it but with that in mind I don’t blame you for trying.

Work with your doctor and consider the information you can find. I moved from risperdal to zyprexa and it was a good move for me. We are all different and that doesn’t help but it could be worth a shot.

Yes I would recommend trying it, it is one of the best antipsychotics along with Abilify/Rexulti, Vraylar and invega. Common side effects are akathisia and nausea and it is not very practical because you have to eat 350cal before taking it (and usually go to sleep because it knocks you).
If you don’t have problems with these things it is a great med because it doesn’t cause diabetes, weight gain, sedation, prolactin elevation… as much as Risperidone.

Have you ever been on abilify?

Yes, but 5 mg Abilify made me aggressive.