Totally leveled by Latuda

Has anyone else here had a very strong effect from Latuda? I took one dose and it did a number on me, I couldn’t do anything for a good 2 days, couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t drive. It was way stronger than any other anti psychotic I’ve ever been on. I felt like it effected me emotionally when I’ve always been very stable with that, chalk that up to the mood stablizing effect for people with Bi-Polar. It still hasn’t gone back after a few days so I hope I don’t have brain damage!

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Antipsychotics are powerful drugs, hopefully you didn’t stop cold turkey.

I recently raised my Risperdal dose over the 2.5 mg mark and experiencing increased anxiety, agitation and a feeling of being sick in general.

I’m going back down to my previous dose.

Talk it over with your pdoc ASAP

Ok thanks for the warning.
Seroquel makes me fat but I can function most of the time.

Latuda is new and has helped me a lot. My delusions and voices aren’t as bad. The pharmacy wanted $1,000 for a 30 day supply but there’s no way. So my behavioral health department gives me free samples. I take 120mg every night. The warnings are scary but oh well. I’ve been on 49 psychotropic medications in the past 30 years, like Haldol and Thorazine. Whew! Glad those days are over.

I wasn’t leveled by Latuda like you were, but I would rather be on Geodon and Seroquel than Latuda.

My psychiatrist is amazed I can walk and talk on 25 mg Abilify. Everyone reacts diffrent to medication. Maybe Latuda is not right for you?