Switching from Olanzapine to Latuda, anybody with experience?

Hey, new user here,

I’m looking to switch from Olanzapine to Latuda and was wondering if anybody on here has made the same switch ?

I’m worried reading about the potential Akathisia of latuda and the relative increase in chance of TD but the weight gain from zyprexa is becoming to much to handle I feel so depressed because of the weight gain it’s making me suicidal.

Thank you


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I switched from olanzapine to latuda.

Latuda works really well on me but so did olanzapine.

I do get anxiety and insomnia on latuda but that doesn’t kick in til I’ve taken my medication with dinner.
So I’m good day time n morning.

I have really bad insomnia.

I don’t remember having insomnia or anxiety on olanzapine.
But olanzapine made me gain 20 kg.

I’m ten kg overweight on latuda approximately but I guess it’s better than twenty kg.

If I don’t get medication for my anxiety and insomnia I might have to switch back to olanzapine.

But I’m well on latuda and really good on it only thing is anxiety and insomnia.


I’ve taken zyprexa on and off for years. I’m on lybalvi now which is zyprexa and a appetite suppressant. I’ve also been on Latuda. I could still sleep on Latuda. It was a good drug for about 5 years and then it caused akathisia and I went off.


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It went sideways for me. I tried switching to Latuda twice. First time I got chest pain and thought it was because I had bad insomnia for many days. Second time I tried it with seroquel off label as a sleep agent, but then got chest pain again. It dissapeared when I stopped latuda.

This reaction I had is probably rare. Other members have better experiences. Anyways it ended with me going back on olanzapine because I couldn’t sleep, not even on seroquel.


Sorry to hear that @Mr_Hope I’m kinda getting put off the idea reading up online tbh it’s either people unable to sleep once switching or Akathisia both which would end me up feeling worse than I am right now with the weight gain and anxiety


Sleep issues may occure, but I think it depends how long you have been taking it and at what dose. If you haven’t taken it for a long time and not large dose, sleep might not be a big issue for you. Only way to find out is to try, but be prepared to go back on olanzapine if the sleep problem gets too much.

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These are true of both meds from what I have experienced …

I was on 20mg Olanzapine for 2 years, and it made me very fat

Switched to Latuda 74mg, but after a period of 18 months, a good 18 months, for some reason I developed horrible side effects and had to switch again

Chances are that you will have to concede some side effects, but it’s entirely your decision what you would prefer

That said, everyones different and it may be fine for you

I will never understand why Olanzapine is indicated for first-line treatment when it causes such weight gain and zombification !

Much better options out there, but again, it’s a bit of a lottery

There are people here I have seen who get on well with Olanzapine, but others it’s a real mess

Luck of the draw

For example I am now on Cariprazine, and I find it activating, and can’t sleep properly, but most problems are sleepiness according to the MH pharmacist


I’ve experienced akathesia on latuda but its pretty well managed by clonazepam.