Lately I've been drinking again

I’m drinking beers every night.
And some wine with my food.
Doed alcohol affect medication?

i think the main interaction with alcohol is increased drowsiness, its probably not best to drink daily but the meds interaction is not major

It depends on your meds, but alcohol can cause severe liver damage with some meds. Please ask your doctor. No alcohol is good to have while taking antipsychotics, but some meds are more dangerous than others.

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My doctor told me that I can drink alcohol in moderation.

I sometimes need alcohol and rarely pot to make time fly during numb evenings.

If you are drinking every night, you are not doing it properly.

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I drink sometimes 3 beers is my limit I wouldn’t drink every day though that’s not good

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I used to do this pretty much every night. Not to get drunk but have like a 6 pack and relax. My doctor knew and kept him in the loop. Most information I’ve seen is like 2 drinks max isn’t too bad for health. Many do well with a glass of wine with dinner but alcohol is one of those things that some can’t handle or it becomes a problem.

If your over 2 drinks a day then It’s not good for your physical health for one. It’s empty calories for 2. It can quickly become a problem for most people.

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Yesterday I told my psq that I’ve been drinking 2 or 3 beers per day,she was concerned because my father was an alcoholic.She gave me more benzos and serorequel

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My father is an alcoholic too.
And in the past i was drinking one bottle of vodka every night. I hope I don’t go too far with alcohol. I will quit it soon. I hope

My father was drinking a bottle of wiskey daily and two packets of cigarettes,died in febraury due to this,he had diabetes,both legs were cut off

I am afraid of becoming an alcoholic like him

I’m having a beer at 11 a.m to calm my anxiety.that’s not normal

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Yeah. Your in the loop if your drinking early.

When I drink I have limits. So much. Start at this time. I get up at 5 am or earlier but won’t touch a drop till after 2pm. I go to bed around 6 pm to read so that is reasonable. If your using alcohol as a crutch it’s no different from using benzo’s as one too…that is in my opinion anyways.

It’s never easy but stop. Give yourself a chance to get healthy.

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I drank heavily while I was on my med’s for a couple of years. That was the sickest and the weakest I have ever been. I think it is hard on some of your internal organs to drink and take the drugs we take. It’s gotta be hard on the liver.

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I was told that alcohol can make antipsychotics less effective.

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