Last time spent in a psychatric hospital.?

my last time there was last year 2012. 2weeks before christmas at the time the p doc, changed my meds i was drinking heavy and could not sleep so i ended up with a espisdoe of psychosis voices delusions hallucinations the lot, i think my p doc is right when he said there is a fine line with me in relation to snapping into a psychosis, i got out of hospital xmas eve and havent looked back.

in the past month ive quit drinking, ive changed my diet and exserise a lot, im fighting back for all i’m worth.
this year it’s different im relaxed cool calm and stable, i’m not getting stressed, also i have forgiving myself for past mistakes which is giving me inner peace, i honestly can’t feel any better, i’m on top of the world.


Strong of you to stop drinking.

Last time I was hospitalized was 6 months in 2010-2011. Pdoc tried twice to konvince me I need to be in hospital this year. I refused both times and I got better being at home. I hate that place.


thanks Comatose…i was drinking 3to4 times a week, 8 pints in one sitting, way to much it was getting out of control, so i had to stop and i feel much better away from it, no sense in it.

its very lonely in hospital i found, some nurses don’t help at all, i found i had to fight back for all i was worth, i weeped a lot in hospital but i came back to myself, it’s hard sometimes to make sense of it all because i had no sense while going through it, the darkness engulfed me but i found the light through it all.

im glad you got better

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well done on giving up drinking and making all those changes in your life, it takes courage to do what you have done .
take care


thanks Darksith.

it had to be done, i feel better away from it, just have to keep going no looking back

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The last time for me was for 22 months or so from 1981-83. Back then the threshold for being admitted was lower than it is now as there wasn’t as much ‘care in the community’.
Being chronically ill now, as opposed to acutely ill, the odds on my being hospitalised are very lengthy.

My last time in the hospital was in 2006. I had just gone through a very painful breakup and was very mentally ill. One day, I couldn’t handle the sadness and hallucinations, so I called my therapist to talk it out.

She was very worried about me harming myself, so she called the police and had them come to my house and take me to the hospital.

I was so angry and hurt by this. I’d never said anything that would suggest that I was going to harm myself or anyone else. I felt very betrayed by her.

The hospital was a horrific experience for me. There were a lot of patients in crisis who were screaming and acting out. I knew I had to get out of there ASAP.

After finally getting out of there, I felt MUCH worse than before I went in. It was very traumatic. I vowed then and there that I would never let that happen again.

Thankfully, it hasn’t happened again. But now, I’m very careful with my doctor and new therapist, so that there is no question of me harming myself or anyone else.

Thank God for freedom.


2008 was my last time.

December 30th 2008, I was 23. The kid sis was 12 and I tried to leave this life. I over dosed among other things. The kid had to call 911 and do CPR on me and the rest. I was in ER for a bit and then pack in psych ward and also put through rehab again.

I woke up and realized that all I did was really scare my family. That was the turning point.

It was all up from there.

4 years ago :frowning:

I am so sorry that happened to you. What a betrayal of trust. Did she even meet you there? It seems like she didn’t try to do an accurate assessment.

I’m glad your stronger this year.

But it was my 25th time since 1996.
Under very odd circumstances…even for my standards.

The year I quit stopped crack. 1990. Probably not a coincidence. I had several hospitalizations in a row from two to four days each.

I definitely felt betrayed. She did this all behind my back without even telling me what was going on or what was going to happen. Literally, the cops just showed up at my front door.

And she didn’t meet me there. She didn’t even call me once I got out. Obviously, I stopped going to her. I expected that she’d at least call to see why I hadn’t come back to see her. But she didn’t.

I still to this day can’t figure out WHY she did that. But, like I said, it taught me a very important lesson on how to never let that happen again! I’m am VERY clear in communicating my mental health issues to my doctors now.

I have read so many papers written by “Experts” on why we the mentally ill are so resistant to treatment and how we have no insight…
With practitioners like that… no wonder we’re resistant.

No wonder we say “No, perfectly fine day thanks, nothing to talk about… Bye”

It would have taken me years to trust again after a stunt like that. Good for you for finding help else where.

You’re EXACTLY right, J. People with schizophrenia are afraid of the consequences of telling a doctor or therapist what’s going on in their minds. I remember denying my hallucinations and paranoia to my doctors for a long time. Because I was afraid of being involuntarily hospitalized.

And after that incident with the therapist, I had severe anxiety about going to the doctor or therapist. For fear of what they might do to me.

I still have that fear, to this day. I’ve gotten better about trusting my docs now, after 7 years, but I’m still super cautious about what I say.

It’s sad that one person’s bad judgement can negatively affect the entire healing process.

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i always tell the truth to my p docs, what ever i feel or think i tell them, bad or good, that is there job

I never been to psych ward but my last psychosis was in june 2012. And it was due to drinking, but my delusions lasted about 4 days and suspiciousness about 13 days. Thanks God i didn’t commit any crime during my delusion but i was very close to. For me its very difficult to figure out that i am delusional since i don’t get psychosis very often with med. before i started med i my delusions were that my friends are spy’s and the government was after me. 6 yrs. latter in 2012 i thought the guy i was not getting along with has poisoned me.

September. I’m afraid of going back this year still.

I did two stays at a VA mental ward back in 2012. I have somehow managed to avoid the mental hospital stays completely in 2013…If I make it another month, it will be the first year without a stay since 2007.