Experts! Phooey

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Expert Doctors and stunts like this spark an anger in me that I just have a hard time swallowing. This is my biggest rant. Sorry…
The one that really got to me when I found out about it; was some PH’d fancy brained expert decided to tell my then 9 year old kid sister all about “expressed emotion” and how it can cause extreme relapse in the patient.

I was told by a different brother who was there that this expert used latin, and technical medical vocabulary and did a really good job scaring the daylights out of my kid sis. She was convinced that if she expressed any emotion about anything for any reason, I would instantly relapse and be in hospital until the day I die. It took a lot of months of other therapist to convince her that expressing emotions and “Expressed Emotion” are very different things.

But when you ask a 9 year old how they are doing and they continually answer with, “I’m very neutral today. I have nothing to express” you know something isn’t right. The big fancy brained expert was SO smart he had NO idea how to talk to a 9 year old kid.

That’s terrible! A 9 year old shouldn’t be having to take on that kind of pressure. Or even the topic of expressed emotion.

It’s very clear that there are some bad apples in the psych arena. I’ve seen some of the worst doctors working in psych. Some of whom should never be allowed to touch a patient’s mind.

Unfortunately, many times, finding the GOOD ones is trial and error.

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