Last night

Last night… I spent the entire night out, with a large number people with whom I had not been previously acquainted… (with the exception of my best friend) at establishments I had not previously frequented… I even allowed myself a little alcohol… and not once was Schizophrenia and issue… in fact, a lot of people paid compliments.

At times socialising has been difficult, why is tonight Special? Because, if you take into consideration the quantity of the new experiences, I had concern that it would be intolerable and Schizophrenia would make it difficult. In fact I never even thought at any time, I was unwell. I tell you the above, not to gloat but hopefully it may inspire some of you to have faith and explore socialising. Tonight… for the first time in a long time… I felt normal… I felt equal.

I personally believe my daily excursion have contributed to this.


Yeah well done.

Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone and just give it a go! Well done you!

I do well socially and it’s true! I don’t think about it, I just do it!


Thank you Rogue!


How long is usually your daily excursion? I am happy for you, or even proud of you!.. I noticed your language skills. It’s an outstanding level. But I guess you are a perfectionist. It seems to me you mind every detail in your expression.


@green5 that is very kind of you and as you have observed, detail is everything to me. Each morning, I go to the gym for 35 - 45. As of two weeks ago, I spend 3 hours on Thursday evenings, in a group, training for a new volunteer position.


3 hours training would drive me nuts! I only have an attention span for half to 1 hour when it comes to doing meetings or classes. You guys are really cool and tough. @Qwerty1

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@green5 this time last year… I could not even maintain conversations for more than a few minutes… it would render me exhausted… I could not even read more than a paragraph nor write more than a few sentences, without feeling out of breath…

You can and you will


Glad to hear that you had such a good time @Qwerty1. Seems like you’re doing quite well, which is always nice to hear. :sunglasses:

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@eighteyedspy23 thank you ever so much, how are you doing?

Me and my lovely our doing great. Keeping busy.

Very delighted to hear @eighteyedspy23

That’s really good to hear Qwerty1, really good :slight_smile:

How are you? @Turquoise

Not too bad thanks Qwerty1, just muddling along, which is fine :slight_smile:

@Turquoise any plans for the weekend?

Nothing much… Will probably go for a walk tomorrow if it’s fair but not up to much apart from that. Hope you have a good weekend :slight_smile:

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You too!! @Turquoise

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