Group Therapy

I had a really wonderful night and day. I stayed up all night with Carl and we talked and laughed so hard. It was awesome. Then today I went to group for the second time. It was a woman’s group last week and my therapist thought it would be good for me. Today it was mixed group. We talked about meds and healthy minds and it was great! Last week I was so bored. Today I engaged and had a good time.
As i was leaving the supervisor came up to me and asked if I would like to be a peer counselor. I told her I was a mess… can’t do it. She said how well I communicated to others the need to be their own advocate and a clear understanding of my diagnosis and how it could help others. She asked me to think about it.
I don’t know how I feel about this. I think it could probably be a great experience and what do I have to lose? I will be going to school soon and I could probably learn a lot about myself.

It’s been a good day today. I hope it has been good to you too!

Blessed be


Great to hear things went so well. The supervisor might be right. You could have helpful things to offer others, but just be mindful of your limits and try to be honest when you are not in a position to help.

In short; do what you can when you can but don’t feel pressured to feel like you have a responsibility to push yourself.

That’s really good. The only thing you have to lose is the experience. Hope it works out whatever you do.


I am confused by your comment. Perhaps a disorganized mind at play?

In any case, I am not ashamed nor afraid to discuss the awkward world of me. From voices to paranoid delusions. It doesn’t bother me. I like to talk about it. I express myself in many ways, all my own.

After years of researching mental health issues, due to the fact that I have a child with special needs, and after my own diagnosis years layer, I have learned NOT to be ashamed of who you are. Especially when teaching a child who is following your every move.

The only problem I see with doing any of this is my own personal FEELINGS right now. I am feeling like I am not sure if I can get out of my own personal ditch right now, a lot has happened. Perhaps if you would have read my other posts, you would be more informed about that.

I have no problem guiding someone and answering whatever"bizzare" question someone has. Question’s were meant to be answered. I know I don’t have all the answers, but the answers I have may be the ones needed.

I want to thank you for your kind post. Made me realize how ignorant people really are.

Blessed be

Interesting perspective. I envy your confidence in such situations. I am too scared to open up to people about my little world that nobody can see. It is very alienating and lonely. I even have a hard time expressing myself to my fiancee when she asks. I am terrified that someone is going to lock me up for being out of my mind. I feel like if i don’t comply or conform to social standards that they will notice and try to lock me away. I dare not be myself.

You don;t need school to learn a lot about yourself - There are other life lessons and avenues where one can learn.
But I can see where furthering your formal education could be a positive experience - good luck to you!


My daughter taught me that. I mean, if I am telling her that her mind is a beautiful place and that she is amazing no matter what, how could I be opposite of everything I say and do? What kind of example would I be setting?
I guess we have all learned from each other in a way. How to coexist with these issues, that should never be swept under the carpet. Also, being able to express that, yes! I totally understand how you feel right now, sometimes that happens to me! Makes life easier.


I think I can learn a lot about myself in the sense that I will learn whether or not I will be able to focus and study as I did before my diagnosis. I think I will learn a lot about myself as to whether or not I can do it.
It’s been bugging me for some time. I have always wanted to go back to school and further my education. I have always had this wall in front of me stopping me, now there is no wall. So yeah, I think I will learn something about myself. Luke whether or not I can do it.

Blessed be


@chris you are right, that comment was unwarranted, just showing you the kindness you showed me. However still think you are having disorganized thoughts, was able to understand though.

To answer your very important question about how one could interpret what one does not understand?

The difference between you and I is that I can understand. I know that my brain is sending off signals to other areas, basically telling it to do things, it really shouldn’t do. All of my symptoms are due to and imbalance, a wrong signal. When I hear voices, for example, I KNOW it’s not real. It is simply a bad signal. When I’m feeling paranoid, yes, I have to remind myself… This is only a bad signal, none of this is real. I breath and relax and withdraw back into my senses.
You want to know how I go about talking to someone who had voices and can’t understand? That’s how I would start.

To address your very interesting point of view on the symbols of the Catholic/Christian church…ummm… I’m a witch, married to an atheist, with a Christian son, and 3 children on the wire
still… so yeah… I’m personally not offended by anyone’s view on religion. My spiritual path is good.

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