Last night they showed up again

After a few days of silence devil shows up in my room. Dark shadow right in the corner. I can’t remember fully what he said I never can fully remember. It was something to do with reminding me that just because things were quiet a few days didn’t mean they weren’t there and I was safe and that I could take all the pills I wanted but it wouldn’t make him go away.

Then he attacked me I felt absolutely smothered, like I was being suffocated and couldn’t breathe there was so much darkness. I just prayed and prayed and then he left but he sent Plague and his minions to attack me and I got gross dark energy in me again. It makes me sick and unhappy and a worse person. I hate it. I tried to rebuke them and get rid of it but I don’t know if it worked, I don’t think so. I just have to remind myself God loves me no matter what.


Ok. It sounds like vraylar isn’t doing it’s job. Are you still getting suicidal ideation on it? What did your doctor say about that?

Honey 50mg of seroquel made me more psychotic the next day, yet I slept the night before. Vraylar sucks ass! Just don’t take any stimulants, I e- nicotine caffeine. And workout, make yourself exhausted. Sometimes meds can make us more phsycotic.

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:smirk:No one is haunting you, it’s the energy drinks and things you take into your body

Sometimes we think we need to be that much needed but really we don’t… we’re all the same. Your not special.

No I think the depression was from the new dog not the vraylar.

@anon84281278 I have a cup of coffee a day? Interesting note about the seroquel though you’re the second person I heard that a lower dose may make symptoms worse.

Also that’s very amusing because you reminded me the first thing the devil said to me when he showed up was “It’s nothing personal, I do this with everyone.” Thing is most people just can’t hear him.

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Ok. That encouraging. Maybe you could even think about a dose increase down the line if it’s working out.

I guess vraylar isn’t working. I guess nothing works ever. APs are garbage. Or maybe they’re real demons! Who knows at this point. I’m fed up.

I want to say it’s at least lowered incidences of things but has it really? I don’t think so.

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I was at a point last night where some devil or devils were taking over my mind. I was just so tired and i couldn’t fight it off. Today after a year of suffication thinking i was going to hell ,hearing the devil and seeing him, plus a tbi thay i assume is progressing, God showed me the reason i went through all that. He had to cut away some stuff so i could enter into the next step of my destiny. So just dont give up. The answer to every problem is do good and trust God. You are loved. Im so happy today i can hardly contain it. Just dont ever give up and you will win.

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They like to remind me they are with me no matter what. It’s a struggle to find any peace with them inside and around me all the time.

Weed is known to exacerbate psychosis.

I even took Ativan last night and it did nothing which is super abnormal. It’s not like I’ve been taking it regularly so I didn’t have any tolerance.

@Watchers247 exactly me too they never want me to feel safe

We all get a little bit of battle fatigue sometimes. Keep fighting Anna. If vraylar is tolerable then maybe a dose increase is all you need.

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Yeah I guess I’ll try it. I’m sooo hesitant to increase doses of meds because of past experiences and my own stubbornness but it may be necessary in this case. I’ve been getting my ass kicked.

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