Lack of interest

Is it negative symptom???
How to regain interest?

I am learning Photoshop skills from a training program or class. I found it’s very interesting. At least I now can PS photos in different ways which creates new scenes. Learning new things can trigger your interests.


Anhedonia. Very much a negative symptom. .

How to to regain interest? I’m still work on that in therapy tbh. A lot of it’s finding joy rather then just trying to gain instant gratification. Sometimes somethings become so mundane it’s just so much hard work that life becomes boring. So a case of all work and no play sort of thing. So one of my therapist gave this in that area a list of fun things to do that we tend to neglect is in a pdf

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I have anhedonia which is basically being unable to enjoy anything.

What do I do? I took up piano for the first time recently. That’s been interesting. I learned guitar when I was 8, so every once in a while I’ll play that. I read books and watch lots of Netflix. I’ve been trying to get out and see a movie, but I’m still working on that. And I’m back in school, so that eats up a good portion of time.

I just decided I was sick of doing nothing all day. Sitting around picking up disability checks So, even though I don’t get a lot of pleasure out of what I do, what I do have is a sense of accomplishment. And that keeps me going.


Oh, that sounds great.

These days I started doing crossword puzzles…which is fun for me…

But then I cannot be interested in news or what’s on TV…
I might be thinking that I “should” know what’s going on around the world…

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I normally find knitting interesting and enjoyable, but then it becomes a labor sometimes and not a hobby at all. So I shout “I don’t wanna do this, why the hell I need to do such a thing!!” and I still keep knitting. I just go though the motions and not feeling any pleasure.

I think I lack the word “enjoy” in my dictonary.

I play piano too. Sometimes I feel good about it, but then I only do it once in a while.
I sometimes go to a movie as well, but the words won’t come in so I don’t understand the story well.
My brains are not working properly.

Exactly. I found I lost some interests due to the worsening function of my brain. Because of a slow mind, I can not enjoy reading or watch movies like I did before. So the interests are based on your brain functions.

That’s totally true…
If my brain functions normally, then I could understand better, which would give me more interest…

I spend a large chunk of my life in Photoshop. :smile:


Wow, this software is so tricky or sophisticated. I was overwhelmed by its information or rules.

I’ve been using it since 1997 and still manages to surprise me at least once a week. Now that they’ve gone to the subscription model, new tweaks and features appear constantly, which is mostly pleasant. Once in a while I have to go on a scavenger hunt to find where a frequently used function has been moved to.


Been feeling this lately. Lack of interest. Everything seems pretty mundane and pointless. I just look at things and think ah that’s not gonna be worth it. Iack of enjoyment currently. I’m sure it will pass

Things pass. Hopefully youll get interested into things again. Just look for things you enjoy to do.