I'm feeling a lot more positive since I started using a new brand of L-Theanine

So far Ive tried 3 different brands. It’s still very early days on this new brand and it might end up not working out. I’m going to give it a month. But my mood is definetely positive since I switched.

I switched to see if I could save money, because I’m cheap. :money_mouth:

I’m taking 400mg in the morning and 400mg in the evening. They’re 400mg capsules.

Beware that taking this high a dose means you probably can’t quit it cold turkey, and have to taper off it. I tried to quit it cold turkey as an experiment and nearly went bananas.

The main difference between this brand and my previous brand is this is pure L-theanine whereas my previous brand (the “Now” brand) was decaffinated green tea leaves.

The “Now” brand was great, but this might be even better. :slight_smile:

It definetely pays to experiment with L-theanine dosage and brands.


I’m thinking of going to GNC and buying some of this, Do you take it with caffeine? I’ve read it has synergistic effects with caffeine.

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I take coffee anyway, so I’ve never tried L-theanine in it’s own. But I’ve posted in the past that whenever I have a really really strong coffee I feel really great. So maybe it’s due to the combination.

But yes, there’s research saying the 2 work well together.

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I’m glad the new brand is working out for you!

Remind me again, L-Theanine is good for calming down positive symptoms and Sarcosine is good for perking up negative symptoms?

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I’ve never tried sarcosine because there’s a (tenuous) link to prostrate cancer with it.

L-theanine acts a bit like a benzo with benefits. I found it helped straighten out my thinking, whereas a benzo didn’t. But most importantly it pretty much gets rid of my anxiety (at least at the mega dose that I take)

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If you want it really cheap, look up l-theanine powder on google. That’s how I take mine, but then you have to measure it out. Any of the bulk supplement powder sites like PureBulk or BulkSupplements seem to work. It’s easier to take in pill form but powder form you can get like half a KG for $50.

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My next move might indeed be the powder.

Actually, how do you take the powder, do you dissolve it in something ?

I just put it in a glass of water and stir it until it dissolves, or mostly dissolves then down it. It’s not necessary but it’s easier to take that way.

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I use L-Theanine and Dopa Mucuna

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L-theanine is a great calming agent. I love it!

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I just googled it. And found this:

Dopa Mucuna is a natural supplement designed to increase dopamine levels in the brain.

I thought with schizophrenia we had too much dopamine. Sounds risky if that’s the case? :confused:

Yes for some I guess. I was seriously depressed when I discovered it. I needed something to help.

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Everhopefull do you have a source for the sarcosine being linked to prostate cancer please?

In a paper published in the journal Nature in 2009, sarcosine was reported to activate prostate cancer cells and to indicate the malignancy of prostate cancer cells when measured in urine.[8] Sarcosine was identified as a differential metabolite that was greatly increased during prostate cancer progression to metastasis and could be detected in urine. [9] Sarcosine levels seemed to control the invasiveness of the cancer.[8]

However, this conclusion has been disputed. A German research team reported a different result in 2010.[10] After measuring sarcosine levels in urine samples from prostate cancer patients, they concluded that measuring sarcosine in urine fails as a marker in prostate cancer detection and identification of aggressive tumors. In addition, another report concluded that serum sarcosine is not a marker for prostate cancer.[11] A review of the literature reached a similar conclusion.[12]


Thank you very much for your speedy thorough reply, you are a true gentleman :slight_smile:

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I am getting a little wary of it now even though I should have some arriving any day now and am totally scared off L-Theanine because of your experiences with it that made it sound addictive and jimbob saying he had withdrawal symptoms when he abruptly ceased taking it, thanks again…

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I’m just making sure I don’t run out. It’s made such a huge difference to me. I treat it the same way I treat my meds now. (L-theanine)

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Yes but the question remains… if you stopped taking it abrubtly would you be worse off than if you had never taken it at all? You said in another thread that you went psychotic and got terrible anxiety when you dropped your dose, I just wonder if you would be anxious and psychotic if you had never taken it and it is helping or ceasing it abruptly caused withdrawal symptoms which brought on the anxiety and psychosis?

if you stopped taking it abrubtly would you be worse off than if you had never taken it at all?

Yes, you would be worse off. At least in my experience. Certainly for a dose of 800mg (2x400mg doses) a day.

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