L-theanine today instead of benzo!

I took a mega dose of 800mg of l-theanine today in 2x400mg chunks.

Apparently the FDA recommends an upper limit of 1200mg, so I would be within that guideline, but I’m unable to find a solid link to this.

But that dose certainly did the trick. No benzo needed.

It’s just day 1 on that dose, so I’ll update if anything changes. I suppose it’s too good be true that I can come off benzos and go onto l-theanine.


Congratulations! You did the right thing :thumbsup:

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Keep us posted. I would love to get off benzos

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I remember you saying that you had a difficult time with them. You said they took a year of your life or something. I’d love to come off them as I feel I’m just about to get dependent on them.

Yeah it was hell.
And I genuinely want to tell everyone to do everything they can to avoid ending up there.


Sounds Awesome @everhopeful - Good for you!

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Like I said, too good to be true. But I’ll update the thread on how it goes. I might get lucky.

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I like l theanine

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OK, still off benzos, had to drop the dose of l-theanine to 300mg in the morning and 300mg at night. 400mg in the morning and again in the evening was causing major depression issues.

Still very early days. I’m terrified of benzos now. I know I’m just about to become dependent on (addicted to?) them.

Maybe your depression is not from the theanine. But congrats you found the benzo alternative. I may have or may have not noticed a side effect from Klonopin like everyone says probably I have not been off them or been on them long enough but the stress and worry it can get excessive from time to time. But I haven’t seen it yet the withdrawal effects. I knew theanine years back from it being part of a gym supplement I used to take for sleep combined with gaba there is a synergy that works well but I’m still on klonopin my anxiety has gotten better but unpredictable I may have to order some l theanine to ween off Klonopin

I don’t know that it will help me wean off benzos. It’s only been about 3 days. Fingers crossed though.

That would be pretty cool if you can get off benzos.

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How long you been on benzos and what withdrawal effects do you feel from since being off? If you don’t mind me asking

That’s a very good question. Probably over a year now that I think about it. But it’s gone from prn to once a day, creeping into 2 a day.

Without l-theanine, I experience abilify induced anxiety, but I think stopping benzos causes anxiety too, so my withdrawal symptoms if there are any is anxiety.

I just want off them. Maybe I haven’t been on them long enough for the addiction to be serious yet.

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Good luck, Everhopeful. I’m stuck on benzo, in a ridiculous mess at the moment, unwilling to trust anything I have no experience with,

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Perhaps if you still feel anxiety from being off benzos if you haven’t tried buspar and gaba or gabapentin may help come off the benzo, how long can clonazepam withdraws effect you? I heard it stays in your system for only 80 hours. So unless the underlying cause is eliminated anxiety will probably still be around. You want a stabilized living environment.

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5 days now without a benzo, by using l-theanine as a substitute. It hasn’t been easy going, it’s like quitting cigarettes and using nicotine gum. Will power required.

Taking 300mg in the morning and 300mg in the evening. Might cut back to 200mg in the evening.


When you say it hasn’t been easy going - what do you mean? Still suffering from Anxiety? Or something else?

How are you sleeping at night?

How much does it cost?

Just use Google’s shopping engine: