L-theanine is Effective in Lessening Positive Symptoms, and improving Sleep Quality in patients with schizophrenia

Does it help with the negative symptoms as well?

Can I take it with Clozaril? Does it also relax you?

I take 10mg olanzapine daily. And I take L-theanine 400mg daily.
I take 200mg in the morning and 200mg in the evening. So total 400mg daily. How about my dosage of L-theanine? I feel more comfortable and less paranoid. I want your opinion.

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I currently take 100mg of l-theanine in the morning, and 200mg at bedtime So 300mg/day.

I use to take 500mg/day but I stopped taking 100mg at noon and at dinner time.

I use to be on Olanzapine, 40mg, and when I quit I had a lot of agitation in my muscles as a withdrawal symptom, l-theanine completely calmed me down so that is why I was taking 500mg/day. But I quit olanzapine over 2 months ago and the agitation has gone away on its own so I cut down the l-theanine.

But I also drink a lot of green/white/black tea (They all come from the same plant) every day which is loaded with l-theanine.

How much niacin do you take?

Doesnt that mean it’s dangerous to consume it with other GABA agonists like alcohol and benzos?

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I have insomnia and I take 1.5mg of clonazepam (a benzo) and 200mg of l-theanine every night together before bed so I can sleep. I’ve been doing this for 5 months, never had a problem.

However I do know you should not mix benzos with alcohol. I haven’t had an alcoholic drink in 17 years.

Yeah i knew a guy who died doing that. But i thought the same rule applied to any two GABA agonists.

My guess would be it depend on the agonists and dosage. Like you wouldn’t want to take 2 different benzos at the same time. I did that for a month but my pharmacist warned me against it so I stopped. I was taking 0.5mg clonazepam and 1mg lorazepam simultaneously. I was fine though while on both.

I also take 100mg of l-theanine in the morning, so a total of 300mg/day along with 1.5mg clonazepam/day and I have been totally fine. My guess would be that the benzo/l-theanine combo is safe because l-theanine isn’t a very strong agonist when compared to alcohol or other benzos. Dosage would probably matter too. If you were taking a much higher dose of benzos and l-theanine then maybe problems could arise.

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Hi all, thanks for the information!

Hi guys,
I would want to hear about the tolerance of using L-theanine overtime.
I can say it work very great but I m only at some of the very beggining months using it.
Does the effect tends to reduce over time? Does your dosage tends to increase overtime?
From my experience with Quetapine, I know it is tottally different in the mechanism, but the effect that help me to sleep just disappear over 1 year of constanly use it before bed.

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I actually spoke with the original researcher who was behind the studies behind Tyrodep. Apparently, their laws over in the U.K., didn’t allow them to bring it to market very easily … there were numerous challenges pertaining to their licensing and regulatory requirements. So …

Omg hellish thinking?? I need that so badly, my thoughts torment me and it feels like hell.

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I take l-theanine, usually 300mg/day, plus I drink a lot of green/white/black tea which has lots of l-theanine in it

Sounds about right, I read it can take up to 120 minutes to peak in your system.

Makes sense, I read the half-life of l-theanine is 1-2 hours depending on your metabolism and other factors.

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You are so cool

I’ve been getting my L-theanine by drinking “Uncle Lee’s Green Tea”. I take three bags and boil them in a pot. Then I let it cool down, and I guzzle the whole pot. This drink does seem to make me less agitated. I get a feeling of well being from it. I love to guzzle a pot of green tea at 2:00 am, and then stay up the rest of the night writing and mucking around on my computer.

my day just become better because of you

I couldn’t read everything but I just had two small questions:
*After how long does L theanine take effect?
*Can I take NAC with it without any problem?
Thank you very much !