L-theanine is Effective in Lessening Positive Symptoms, and improving Sleep Quality in patients with schizophrenia

Our results suggest that L-theanine is effective in ameliorating positive symptoms and sleep quality in schizophrenia. The MRS findings suggest that L-theanine stabilizes the glutamatergic concentration in the brain, which is a possible mechanism underlying the therapeutic effect.

it is indeed dangerous to mix too many antipsychotics

relaxation is key with antipsychotics. Try to relax in order to remove the tense effect on your mind

It seems like a lot of drugs or supplements that reduce negative symptoms just kick people right back into the psychosis of positive symptoms which can be substantially more dangerous. Antipsychotics themselves seem to increase negative symptoms at the same time that they decrease positive ones. Im holding out hope, but if its something that makes me lose rather than gain weight it tends to be bad for my mental health.

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Hello does anyone just use L-theanine for positive symptoms ( hearing voices, hallucinations) I keep reading that it helps.
Currently taking 3g sarcosine user doctors care
500mg of NAC 3 x a day
And 250mg of L-Theanine

Really want to quiet the voices can someone please advise what dose of l-theanine to quiet positive symptoms. Should I bump up from 250 to 400?

Does not substitute antipsychotic fyi

I am considering this supplement for sleep as my sleep is constantly an issue and periodically I end up having very bad days due to sleep deprivation and my low-serotonin is messing me up big time. Has anyone taken this with Latuda or with some kind of insomnia? How did it help?

Didn’t help sleep for me. It’s hit or miss, guess you just have to try it to find out.

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Jus throwing my 2 cents in.

I tried olly goodbye stress gummies for a short time.

Those were decent. It’s gaba, L-theanine and lemon balm extract, fairly low doses of all. Felt super calm and relaxed on them.

I know the olly sleep gummies also have melatonin, L-theanine and botanicals. Decent product but it’s pretty low doses and kinda expensive.

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Interesting to see this, I’ve seen some comments on green tea. I’ve been drinking matcha which contains this and it helps a lot

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I wasn’t happy with l-theanine, I stopped after some time with no beneficial effects.

What can you tell me about magnesium and glycine in relation to sleep and everything else? Can you say it is not placebo?

I would also like to mention that I may not have had complete trust in the source and quality of the l-theanine I used, and the duration of intake was relatively short. Additionally, the timing of my intake was not carefully planned. Therefore, while l-theanine may work for you, it did not have the desired effects for me.

I’ve been taking 400mg a day and nothings really changed been 3 or 4 months now it doesn’t really do anything?

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