L-theanine is Effective in Lessening Positive Symptoms, and improving Sleep Quality in patients with schizophrenia


For me it has a soothing effect on inner tension and positive symptoms. I take 250 mg at dinner with my AP for a better sleep.


Okay well… The first day I took it it turned me into a mess. I was at work basically having panic attacks. It made my anxiety 10x worse. It was a really bad day. I felt like I was going crazy. I was about to snap.

(I quit taking it for a few days because it scared me)

A few days later I wasn’t feeling good, I hadn’t eaten in days. I was weak and sad. I decided maybe trying the wellbutrin again might help. I would try anything at this point to help me.

I took it and almost immediately felt better. I got my appetite back! (it was so bad before I literally gagged on my food as I was trying to get it down. Can depression cause that?)
I felt like I’m gonna be okay for a few minutes. It was a nice break.

After that and since then I’ve been taking it and I don’t see any difference in me. If anything its made my anxiety worse.

I’m very disappointed :frowning:


I’m taking two table spoons of L-theanine two times a day and I’am having zero delusions.


Question: Energy Drinks have L-Theanine in them. Is it the same thing? Can I get any benefits from drinking energy drinks with a lot of L-Theanine?


Here’s my update:

I’ve been using 800mg (400mg twice a day) after working my way up slowly from 200mg, for about a year I think.

I recently quit taking it as I felt it wasn’t doing anything for me any more. But I think I started having withdrawals. Or maybe it in fact was still doing something for me.

I’ve now gone back on it, but 400mg a day.

This is the best brand I’ve found (not all brands are the same)

So definitely go for the ‘NOW’ brand 100mg !


It would seem that the issue with energy drinks is that they frequently have high levels of caffeine and also Gensing - which can greatly increase the risk for anxiety, even if L-theanine helps reduce it.

I suspect you might feel more stressed / anxious with a drink that has these high levels of caffeine (something like 2 to 4 cups of coffee I believe - though it depends on the drink). Be careful.


It has now been ~ 3 months on l-theanin, 400 mg in the morning.
It has absolutely changed my life and I am so grateful that I learned about it in here.
I will encourage everyone to try it, it has no side-effects. And it is pretty affordable.

How it feels to be healthy? It is like there is A LOT of space in my head, for me to do what I want with. I have control and free will over my thoughts, actions and speech, and I also feel that I am responsible of my thoughts, actions and things I say. No weird script, or misunderstanding power or “shhh, I HAVE TO LISTEN TO MY THOUGHTS”.

I feel really confused only when I try to think about how sick I really was and how misunderstood SZ is as a disease.
The best of luck to all of you.

I made my brother try it, he is suffering from anxiety and has psychotic symptoms. He has not told me about how he feels, but all of a sudden he is not angry when I am asking him things that used to be -waay too in his business.

And he is happier and more relaxed. I definitely think it is working for him too.


As I said I was on it for a year, then mistakenly thought it wasn’t doing anything for me, so stopped taking it, then felt really bad.

Then I restarted my morning dose and felt better, but felt bad in the evenings as I wasn’t taking my evening dose.

Now I’m just taking 200mg in the morning and 200mg at night and feel much better.

You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone I guess.


The magic combination of supplements that helped me the most with anxiety/restlessness and delay onset sleep (even sleep performance anxiety [yep that’s a real thing!]) is: L-Theanine, Oleamide and Ashwagandha. I added these to my current prescriptions (SSRI, Antipsychotic, Stimulant) and felt a more significant improvement than I did from any RX combination to date (for inner peace anyway).

The only drama is I required 3x the suggested dose for L-Theanine (both noon and after dinner) and 8x for Oleamide (but that is most likely due to the effects of cannabis still lingering in my system since quitting and will likely be effective at half to a quarter the dose once my system is completely clean).

L-Theanine is good stuff and among the safer compounds if mega/overdosed.


What I want to know is will it improve those symptoms in people who have Schizoaffective Disorder or other conditions that cause psychosis.

it mentions schizoaffective on this


Not sure if I follow x


This is highly related to l-theanine and its effects on sz.

GABA and glutamate in schizophrenia: A 7 T 1H-MRS study


I’m going to try this along with L-tyrosine, GABA, 5-htp. I’m also taking fish oil with 300mg of omega-3


Let us know how it goes please.


I certainly will.


I love l theanine!!!


So far the fish oil has provided some noticable mental clarity in conjunction with Latuda I’ve just recently started taking again to get stable and prevent the voices


I really want to try this. How does it make you feel? What benefits do you see?


I just feel calmer and relaxed. I used to take 400mg but now I’m more sensitive on a new medication so I take 200mg. It’s a calming kinda feeling. It kinda slows my breathing down a little bit. I would like to try l-theanine without antipsychotics to feel the full potential. It’s worth a try.