L-theanine is Effective in Lessening Positive Symptoms, and improving Sleep Quality in patients with schizophrenia


Thanks Green. That indeed sounds like a good thing! I’m glad you’ve found that it works for you. I am fearful of the what long term effects antipsychotics might have on the brain. I would like to try an all natural route myself, but for now all seems okay… I do agree it seems to be worth a try… we’ve been through worse things I’m sure, what have we got to lose?


Has anyone experience muscle tension from using l-theanine? I get muscle tension after using it sometimes but it could be from combining too many medications.


Not the guy you asked but if you want to know with myself, I have intense schizotypal anxiety, it’s very painful to hold eye contact and be close to someone (mentally and physically), and theanine, as well as any gaba-b agonist/potentiating drug, help this significantly. As for my pseudohallucinations, theanine works mildly for 3 hours but doesn’t fully remove them. Theanine also takes the “edge” off caffeine and generally things that cause a feeling of overstimulation.


Amazing. I have the same as you with the issues with eye contact and getting close to people. I’m going to really try these supplements. I’ve seen some combinations of l theanine and gaba on Amazon. I also want to try some nootropics. Thank you so much for your reply. Brought me some much needed hope.


The disease model for eye contact difficulty is the same in autism and schizotypy as far as I’ve read. It’s a matter of reduced activity at the gaba-b receptor, but perhaps there’s more to it as risperidone which has no gaba or glutamate affinities did make it easier for me to be close to people. I believe the 5HT1A receptor is implicated in social functioning and it needs to be activated. Some other serotonin receptors are possibly implicated as well, to do with oxytocin release and such.
Just be careful as a disease model for schizophrenia is too much activity at the gaba-b receptor, which causes reduced activity at glutamate receptors. This is why theanine is good, because it activates both gaba and glutamate receptors.


Does l-theanine work for paranoid fantasies? That’s the most positive symptom I’ve been experiencing these past few months. No hallucinations, just some brief residual voices, but only in moments of severe anxiety–and the paranoia about being hauled off to brand new detention centers or targeted by local police or the new admin. Can l-theanine alleviate these thoughts? If so, how long does it take for it to take effect?

Currently on sarcosine 2 scoops and 1 scoop of taurine. Noted: taking both with coffee in the morning on an empty stomach makes me nauseous and I threw up a few times. Taking it later in the day or after eating a big breakfast feels a lot better.
EDIT: also on injectable abilify, prozac, lamictal, and buspar pills, too. I forgot about those haha!


I have been on 200 mg l theanine 2x day for a year now. my poisitive symptoms were already rare so I can’t judge on that but my sleep is deeper.


L-theanine is nice and calm for me. Don’t know whether it has any effect on schizophrenia because I’m already taking 2 antipsychotics. But I like l-theanine.


Man I love relaxing with 400mg of l-theanine!


I just started taking this recently and all I can really say is it’s made me allot more relaxed and laid back.


Everhopeful has started another thread (which I will link to in my next post as I am new and can’t do it in this one) in which he states that he seems to have withdrawal type symptoms when he doesn’t take it that seems to bring on psychosis, I have just ordered this for a friend who is very unwell and I don’t want to make her worse or get her addicted to anything, can anyone comment? Is this stuff addictive? Is it going to bring on psychosis if my friend stops taking it suddenly? I am extremely concerned…



Sorry to post in both threads but I am extremely concerned and thought everyone who reads this should probably be aware of that thread too…


Noticed l-theanine does not dissolve in my green teas like sarcosine does. It just floats around in little clumps. I added milk to it and stirred it around, that seemed to work.

I don’t know if it clumps up in only water, but in green tea it clumps. So, just fyi, it might not dissolve in certain liquids.
Took it last night. Had a restful sleep. My smartwatch put me at about 5 hours of 96% effective sleep (it calculates “restlessness” and light sleep versus heavy sleep). My positive symptoms, which were sky high on the weekend, decreased. I am not having intense delusions or fears of car accidents anymore. That could be because my pneumonia-associated fever finally broke and disappeared and I recovered physically, or just the l-theanine working after a couple of nights.

Either way, going to keep taking this. With milk.


I’m surprised to see this thread as my mate just thought it was a good idea to try this one and I got it off eBay, A few days ago I tried it and I felt relaxed but then the voices started becoming louder about an hour in. I need to measure the dosage properly though. I have schizoaffective disorder. Anxiety is what I want to get rid of.

Also I must add I’m on abilify depo and valproate. So not sure if my medication had a bad interaction with it. My depo is actually due in the next few days though.


What’s known about impact on negative symptoms?


Daily I drink a strong brewed pot of white tea. This helps a lot with the foggyness in my head.


Fascinating! And personally relevant, I have huge issues with eye contact.


Today was my first therapeutic dose of l-theanine. I feel very calm. I also took some CBD oil this morning, but I’m pretty sure it’s the l-theanine. I will take just l-theanine without CBD tomorrow to make sure.


I love L-Theanine. It’s been working well for me. Hoping I don’t develop a tolerance. :cry:

I usually take 400mg in the morning and occasionally another 400mg at night.

Thank you for teaching me about it.