Kinda. Having a 3 hour panic attack except it’s mostly paranoia. Have started taking apart my tech items

Was fine then bam - convinced the government has hidden tracking technology in my tech items. Have taken apart two computers - no real thought why.

By that I mean it is like a 3 hour long impulsive behaviour session. I kinda did it on autopilot.

Yesterday I cancelled all my online media subscriptions too thinking they were being hacked and the government was profiling me.

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Nothing has changed to precipitate this little episode. Can’t understand it. Is scary

I had a similar episode a couple months ago where I took apart all my light fixtures and furniture thinking there were hidden cameras. Not sure what started it but I was terrified.

Since you’re here I be part of you knows it isn’t real. It’s tough but don’t get too carried away and break something (happened to me, no cameras found obvs). Second get some med adjustment ASAP, call your pdoc and set an appointment.


Yeah I kinda know it’s not real, but my gut instinct tells me otherwise. There is a schism in me. And the paranoid part is dictating my behaviours.

So in short some insight but it’s not winning

Can you contact your doctor @anon94176359?
I would as soon as you can.


If you’re interested in meds Hydroxyzine and L-theanine really help me!

Don’t worry, it will pass! :grinning::+1:

I myself am experiencing a “window” rn, w/less paranoia.

Imagine being a ship sailing calm waters.

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It doesn’t sound dangerous or anything but it’s still something to report to your medical team.

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I’m sorry you’re having an episode. Can you call your nurse?

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Only place open is the nhs 24 number. But that’s more for crisis stuff. Am not in a crisis just don’t feel well.

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