I Was Paranoid Today

Kinda odd for me, have not been that way for some time, but I went to the back doctor today for the first time and was scanning the room for camera’s while waiting,. Looked all over the room and at the computer set up.

I had to wait for about 10 min, so had lots of time to check, Hope my meds are not starting to fail


I think its normal to have a weird,

Kind of off day every once in a while.

Every so often I get super paranoid and start thinking my eye is a camera again,

Just out of the blue.

Its something I rarely think about anymore, but it still just pops up.

If it continues, talk to your doctor,

But I wouldn’t get too upset over an isolated incident.


Yeah keep an eye on it. I still have bad days and I’m uber stable on the most part. Just every now and then I get these paranoid thoughts. As always keep a look out for stressors. Stress is your biggest worry if your stable. I agree with @anon54386108 . If it continues get to your doc. Otherwise monitor your thoughts and progress!


I used to do that a lot when i went to see the pdoc or my case manager. I would scan the room for ages looking for the hidden cameras. We all have bad days @Mountainman. I hope that this is just a one off thing for you and that your medication continues to serve you well. Hang in there.


I also get weird, fleeting moments of paranoia.

Hope you’re feeling better today, @Mountainman.


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Hopefully it’s just a fluke thing and tomorrow will be a better day. I understand looking for cameras. I do it all the time.

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