Ketogenic diet

any of you have tried the ketogenic diet? it is effective against schizophrenia?

I Have No Idea What You Are Talking About , “laugh out loud” ,

But ,

I Have Discovered That Veggie Burgers and Waffles and Juices Are Slightly Helpful ,

I Say Slightly Because Food Doesn’t Do Anything For OR Towards Visuals and Auditories ,

Jus My Personal 9 Year Opinion … .

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I have been on it for about 2 weeks. Symptoms about gone.

Very little legit research out there. Pubmed gives 4 entries for schizophrenia and ketogenic,the latest being from 2009.

I think thas ketogenic diet can be effective

I Disagree With You “andrea866” ,

Because ,

As I Have Tried Different Food Items ,

None Of Thee items Seemed To Help ,

So Does That Mean You Are Left Out Of Thine Spiritual Loop Or Something Perhaps (???) ,

OR ,

Agree To Disagree (???)

have you tried ketogenic diet?how long you tried this diet?

Hmm ,

Yes I Know It Seems Old Testamentical Biblical Of Such Saying What As I Have Said But (!!!) ,

None Other Any Types Of Food Items Helped ,

So Within Myne Own Self Proclaimed Ignorance I See Why One Would Be Defensive ,

But I Can Assure You ,

It’s Naught Tha Food … ,

Perhaps (?)

Do us a favor and tell us what ketogenic means.

what about this?

I’ve cut carbs drastically to lower my blood sugar. I haven’t t noticed any differences.

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Honestly ,

I Don’t Understand Tha Question …

Soz Yo …

Lil Help It’s Been A Dumb Dai …

Going keto means that you are starving yourself and that ain’t not no good for nobody.

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Been on keto for 1.5 years, when I went off it for a few weeks and started eating carbs again, anxiety got worse. So I went back on keto, still anxious, but not as much.

you are schizophrenic?

Yeah. I don’t know if it’s effective for psychotic symptoms since I went on it after being stabilized in meds.

i will try this diet with my sister (who is schizophrenic)…

I hope you’ll keep us posted over the long term to let us know if the symptoms remain in remission.

I will, so far so good.